Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Oil Spill

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm......hmmmmmmmmmm.......Lets say you went and bought 5 Gallons of paint and dumped it in a river near your town. And now lets say that the DNR saw you do this. They would be all over you like flies on shit. Take your car, your gun and probably your horse too.

Now: BP is dumping thousands of gallons of oil in the ocean and Im not hearing squat about a fine or anything as of yet.....But the bottom line here is at some point this is such a mess up that I think the Govt has to step in. All I hear is we will fix it and so far no results. Where is the DNR when you need them?

One thing is for sure if I find out that BP only has to pay the 700M that is on the books I'm writing my congressman. The smaller guy on the street always gets a bigger fine than the large corporation.

The Black Widow

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Facebook Groups

Of course being fired is never fun. But I have to tell you....lately I'm addicted to face book. One day I was on there and I noticed you could create groups. So i got in there playing around and wow...I realized that inside groups you can hire and fire people or change their positions.

So with my since of humor now I created a group...something like Galk..... at least it sounds like it. Then I invited my friends. Now over the last 4 years I have worked for a company who has treated me like dirt. So that is exactly what I'm doing I'm treating my employees like dirt and they get to see what I've been through.

My goal as I put out on the company letterhead is to have 80% Directors and 20% employees. Today I went through the fictitious budget and realized us Directors needed more money so I had to cut all the employees' money.

Basically I hire and fire someone every day based on the nothingness of real life. My company that I actually work for would rather fire you than look at you. Like today I promoted a director of purchasing and told him to blame all his issues on the Quality department.

Then I promoted a Director of Quality and told him he is the Last to Know and the First to Blame....Cause that is how it is. Then I promoted a Sales guy and told him to sell something on commission/ take the commission only to find out Quality and Production cannot build the parts because he never got prints when he made the sale. This actually is not funny stuff since I have lived with people like this and that did these things to me. I guess I had to make myself a Director to actually have any fun......

How can one have so much fun on facebook?

The Black Widow

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rocket Science......How your life really went

When I was growing up I had an insatiable urge to build stuff. Later I noticed my nephew had the same issue. He was always creating something and now my boy is the same way. Sometimes when your growing up you think you will steer your life in a certain direction. And then one day you wake up and you realize you did'nt go in that direction. While I never thought I was going to be a Rocket Scientist maybe I did think I would be more than what I am today. But I guess we all have to deal with reality.

This year now in May I'm going to be 43 and while I have not accomplished everything I wanted I have done some cool things. Remember when you were in High School and you always wanted to be older? And now when your 43 you think "oh no I don't want to be 50"...... And I'm sure before I know it I will be 50....That is depressing.... That's when you try and calm yourself and say at least I'm not 60.....

May is my birthday......eeek......Say a prayer for an old man......

The Black Widow