Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's time to say good by

Many people in the U.S. right now dont' have a job. I am one of the lucky ones because I think I work 3. First I work a full time job, then I manage apartment buildings and now I have started a thing where I clean up foreclosed properties for banks.

The reason for my story is what is going on the in the world today and that is companies are cutting back. See for the company that I manage apartments for I use to have 3 properties. But now the original apartment managers want to come back (because they can't find other jobs). And as it also turns out my management company is taking them back because they were paid less than me and now they will get a cost savings.

Luckily for me I have saw the writing on the wall (when I lost my first property) and I started my own thing. Very soon now If I make it through the winter with my last property they will pull that from me by next year. The thing is I have been doing this for 5 years coming up in march and I'm very tired of it. I don't mind going to work but taking care of peoples complaints (especially from 80 some apartments) has a mental affect on you. I have recently found out that I like cutting grass and working on buidings where I dont' have to deal with so many people.

The moral of this story is as they say "all good things must come to an end"....And that apartment manager job I had is gunna come to an end. And If it does not by march 5th of 2011, I will pull the plug on it myself. That will be 5 years after my bankruptcy which seems a life time ago. I guess it helped pay for many things in the past 4 years but it's time to dump "it".....like a bad habbit.

The best of luck to all the working class people out there.

The Black Widow.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Coffee SPILL

You know I cannot survive without coffee...However many of you know this "is" a dangerous substance...Say you get into your car all dressed nice and casual for work. You have on your nice dockers and on your way to work you spill...just a bit...But enough for the whole world to know you spilled coffee...Like for miles away they can see that little spot that you so elequantly tried to wash away with water....
Or what always happens to me is I have a Nuclear Coffee Explosion like today in my office. I'm moving a piece of paper and what %^*** happens but I knock over my cup of coffee onto my desk. At first I was really mad but now I've remembered I have not cleaned my desk in like 3 weeks. So after mopping up that coffee I found a clean desk.
Are you like me where you have piles of crap on your desk (and each pile has a reason)....But then like after several months you actually look at the pile and think...."hmmm I have not used any of this material so I will throw it away?"....Then what happens? Yes you are correct a new pile will suddenly pop up that you "will get to later".....
So my first thought was after my coffee spill I would no longer drink coffee !!!!any more..... at my desk...!!! But then after thinking about it clearly for a second longer....If I don't' drink coffee at my desk I will never be able to keep my desk clean..
The Black Widow

Thursday, August 19, 2010


The above photo is very near my folks home in the country. As I get older I take more and more photos of the land near by because I miss the area and I miss the times I had growing up. When you live in the country you are away from all the hustle and hub bub. You can buy like two weeks of groceries go home and never see anyone. You can come out at night and listen to the crickets and birds and suck in the cool spring air.
I remember a lot about growing up but the biggest thing I remember is my families ability to give. At that time my parents were making less than poverty but you know we always had clothes and we always had food. In the summer we would make hay and oats/any extra would be donated to other farmers who did not have a good year. My parents always volunteered at the local church and helped with meals and that sort of thing.
At night in the summer we played baseball in the fields with our neighbors and all the neighborhood kids would come. If we ever did watch tv we had 3 channels and those we did not have to pay for. On Saturday nights my parents would always watch Hee Haw and that the Lawrence Welk show.
I guess what I miss about growing up in the country is life is just simple. In today's world there are so many material things which you really don't need. Everyone has to have a boat, or a motorcycle or the latest gadget. Maybe because I never had those things growing up I dont miss them. What I do miss though is everything to do with living in the country.
The Black Widow

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Leaders Vrs Followers

A while ago I was very upset with CNN because as usual people Die in Iraq every day. And what did they cover for 4 days? Yes Michael Jackson's death. So I suppose my story comes down to my heading of "leaders vrs followers"...Maybe I should not be so upset with CNN but instead with all the people who I call followers. Their are so many people in this World who have no since of direction. They jump on any band wagon and want to be part of a crowd. Whatever is written must just be gospel (no pun intended at the bible).

After losing everything 4 years ago my main focus in life has been to take care of my family. I set a goal for an income and work as many jobs as I had to every year to meet that cash flow. And if I'm lucky I get to come home by 9:00 p.m and maybe catch some real news.

That is why I find it so weird with the amount of time wasted on movie stars, baseball players or whatever. I understand people need hobbies but I think some people are way to attached to movie stars. I mean like they are crying their eyes out when a star walks by? Like is that movie star better than you or I? HELL no... Go out in the world and make things happen in your life. Don't worry about what Jimmy or Jane has or wants. Go get what you want and make that happen for you.

Give me Science...

Give me History..

Give me Politics..

Don't give me shit about what Ricky Martin or any other Star is up to or what they are wearing or who they are screwing (thats a run on sentance).

Give me something like facts on Global Warming. Where are we with Iran and Israel? How can we eliminate death in Iraq for our Soldiers? Give me that and you have my attention. Give me garbage and I will just shut you off.

The Black Widow

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Last year we are all concerned about the Swine Flu....Remember that is was going to be a Pan Demic according to CNN....Recently I have read about the NDM-1 super bug found in India and other areas. First off what concerns me is my son has athsma and his immune system does not work as well as yours or mine might. But what concerns me more is that maybe Super Bugs at some point will be the end of society.
This latest one (NDM-1) is resistant to all antibiotics. This is like one super antibiotic but that apparently does not always work against this bug. The thing is with Global airlines and people moving from here to there you don't' need a terrorist to bring a dirty bomb...people are already effecting each other with these bugs that travel from shore to shore.
Now that to me is becoming more scary than a nuclear attack. What is more scary is some countries are taking these bug and mutating them with all sorts of things. One day you can have a cold and the next day after aquiring this bug....you can have cancer.
Along with the desctruction of Nuclear Arms....maybe the working with Super Bugs aught to be the next thing that we get rid of.
This my friends....is scary shit.
The Black Widow

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Whats Coming

For those of you who don't know me well I am a Nature Freak. I love everything to do with animals, the outdoors and old buildings. Recently I purchased a camera for $100.00 so I can improve my blog photos. I'm still getting use to it (the above photo is only at 5M and I just increased my camera to 8M after this picture was taken...The point is I like to forget about the world and get in touch with my nature side sometimes.
This morning (look at the photo closely) there was a buck and a doe out eating in a field on my ride to work. I have not figured out my zoom feature yet but there are in the middle of the photo. No worries they just simply watched me as I watched them. In a world of oil spills, people killing each other and just simply hate......To me its nice to revert back to nature and enjoy what "it" has to offer. Just to enjoy a simple moment in time when the phone is not ringing or you have to worry about that next bill.
Now with my camera with me every day perhaps I can capture that elusive shot of Bigfoot, or Aliens? Well it's always fun to think with a since of humor anyway. Please enjoy my nature photo and have a nice day.......Take the day off from all the news and propaganda and enjoy Nature.
The Black Widow

Christmas Is Coming

Ok for the record this is not my photo....But it is pretty so Im using it if not ok let me know I'll take it down.
The reason I'm writing today is very soon it will be Xmas. Something in my brain (I know Im getting older) tells me the years are going by too fast. And to me once July is over it's soon December. Things go that fast for me now.
The point I want to talk about today is the fact that I can say the word Christmas. See I grew up Catholic and while I don't always pracitce my faith I shall never be anything other. However I also believe that each and every religion should have the right to practice their faith. And so every year I get upset when I hear people are asked not to put up Xmas trees in certain areas for decorations.
You see for some people (like me.....)it's not a matter of religion.....it's a matter of tradition. Should I be able to tell a Jewish person he can't practice Honika? (Hell No)...Why? because that is his or her own tradition and or religion. So when I put up my Xmas tree this year and someone asks me to take it down I'm going to tell them to go to Hell. I think there are many people in this world that were sucked in on how the Xmas tree is a religious symbol (It....Is....Not...).....
So this year I'm allready in the Xmas spirit. Every year I buy myself a new (cheap ass digital/analog watch).....Usually I spend about $12.00 on myself and get my wife a little something in order to make it fun for us.. We spend about a few hundred on the kids so they get their fun.
The Holidays are about family and making memories with them.
So stand up for your rights this year. If you want to practice Honika then that is your right. If you want to practice being a Catholic go do so. That is your right as a Citizen of the United States of America. But when people who are citizens put up a tree that is their right to do so.
Here in Black Widow Land you are allowed to practice whatever faith you want.
Just don't ask me not to write or talk about Xmas trees...
The Black Widow