Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Coffee SPILL

You know I cannot survive without coffee...However many of you know this "is" a dangerous substance...Say you get into your car all dressed nice and casual for work. You have on your nice dockers and on your way to work you spill...just a bit...But enough for the whole world to know you spilled coffee...Like for miles away they can see that little spot that you so elequantly tried to wash away with water....
Or what always happens to me is I have a Nuclear Coffee Explosion like today in my office. I'm moving a piece of paper and what %^*** happens but I knock over my cup of coffee onto my desk. At first I was really mad but now I've remembered I have not cleaned my desk in like 3 weeks. So after mopping up that coffee I found a clean desk.
Are you like me where you have piles of crap on your desk (and each pile has a reason)....But then like after several months you actually look at the pile and think...."hmmm I have not used any of this material so I will throw it away?"....Then what happens? Yes you are correct a new pile will suddenly pop up that you "will get to later".....
So my first thought was after my coffee spill I would no longer drink coffee !!!!any more..... at my desk...!!! But then after thinking about it clearly for a second longer....If I don't' drink coffee at my desk I will never be able to keep my desk clean..
The Black Widow


  1. What a fun post! I'm not a coffee drinker (I know, tsk! tsk!) but love my morning Diet Pepsi. I give 'em up, miss the routine after awhile and so on...but back to coffee, my post today was about how coffee fed into a problem...

  2. I think coffee has a hidden agenda/vengeance against us who ♥ it. It thinks to itself, ahhhh she has on a white shirt, I shall make my way out of the cup right before it hits her lip and wahaha ruin the shirt! Yes! Coffee 1 Us 0


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