Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Farms/ Treasures Of The Past

How many of my readers have a cousin that grew up on a farm? How many of my readers have visited a farm? As I write today my hands are freezing (went outside at lunch in WI) bear with me. As you know I grew up on a farm and for the last 16 years I've worked in Mfg....In my world everything is "cash flow"...Meaning I get paid every week and the worst thing that could happen is I run short and cant buy something until next weeks check.

The thing about many farmers is they dont have the luxury of working outside the home or maybe working a second job. So lets say they get a milk check and the milk company only pays once a month. It was a fact that when I was growing up my parents were paid once a month. Now they have to budget like a mad man and hope they make it through the month without a bailer breaking down and or a tractor. In the summer months they have to plan for all of their fuel as they make hay and plant crops.

My parents farmed about 50 cows and they spent all day working. We never went without but now as I get older Im simply amazed at what they accomplished. My belief unfortuntely is there really is no Family Farm left anymore. Its hard to get started and what you get paid is not equal or above your cost to run a business like this.

Its a shame too because the Country is so beautiful and quiet. The farms now are nothing more than a way to milk 5000 cows at a time. I guess I dont have anything against large farms like this (we all need beef) but on the other hand "the little guy" cannot compete with them.

Im a strong believer that "little" farmers made this Country what it is today. There is nothing like growing up on the farm and I truly miss the farm. Take a day this week and go out and visit that family member with a farm. Turn off the dam phones and just listen to nature for a bit.

The Black Widow

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mean and Nasty Work Trucks

Last year I spent a considerable time buying a used truck and then dumping a lot of cash into it. Why? well I started a thing with foreclosed properties where I go in and clean them out and fix them up on the side. The thing is I have wanted a truck for over 5 years and I bought a Chevy which has 240K miles on it. I did not want a sissy truck I wanted a truck that was for work. When I get in it there can be dirt on the floor and the bed should have some dents in it.

To say the least I fricken love my truck (the red one above). And if this one was ever to die I would go out and buy another high mileage truck. The reason is I can pay for them right away and I think I can get a couple of years out of each one without having a payment. And if I want to haul something no problem. Where as with a car your always looking for someone with a truck to help you move shit. Not for me anymore thank you... My truck is a long box but I also love the short box trucks as well (green truck photo)....Problem is with the short box your always looking for more room. They look mean and nasty but I think short boxes fall short when you really want to work.

The next truck I want will be the Chevy 3500 HD....I'm only getting 8-12 miles to the gallon now so anything I buy will be an upgrade. However I have no payment on my truck and expect to keep it for some time. My thought for today is having a truck is like a lifestyle change. Its my motor boat or my jet ski....but the difference is I can make money with my truck....

To all of you out there who want a truck???......don't wait...go out and make yourself happy and get it now...Just don't spend $55,000.00.....You can have a lot of fun for $2000.00 and you dont have to worry if it gets scratched or dented.

The Black Widow