Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Farms/ Treasures Of The Past

How many of my readers have a cousin that grew up on a farm? How many of my readers have visited a farm? As I write today my hands are freezing (went outside at lunch in WI) bear with me. As you know I grew up on a farm and for the last 16 years I've worked in Mfg....In my world everything is "cash flow"...Meaning I get paid every week and the worst thing that could happen is I run short and cant buy something until next weeks check.

The thing about many farmers is they dont have the luxury of working outside the home or maybe working a second job. So lets say they get a milk check and the milk company only pays once a month. It was a fact that when I was growing up my parents were paid once a month. Now they have to budget like a mad man and hope they make it through the month without a bailer breaking down and or a tractor. In the summer months they have to plan for all of their fuel as they make hay and plant crops.

My parents farmed about 50 cows and they spent all day working. We never went without but now as I get older Im simply amazed at what they accomplished. My belief unfortuntely is there really is no Family Farm left anymore. Its hard to get started and what you get paid is not equal or above your cost to run a business like this.

Its a shame too because the Country is so beautiful and quiet. The farms now are nothing more than a way to milk 5000 cows at a time. I guess I dont have anything against large farms like this (we all need beef) but on the other hand "the little guy" cannot compete with them.

Im a strong believer that "little" farmers made this Country what it is today. There is nothing like growing up on the farm and I truly miss the farm. Take a day this week and go out and visit that family member with a farm. Turn off the dam phones and just listen to nature for a bit.

The Black Widow


  1. There seems to be a resurgence in gardening and creating your own hope for something better, even though the family farm does seem to be a thing of the past almost. I see many people making good choices for themselves and that's encouraging. Farming is a tough way of life, but self-reliant and self-sustaining, something difficult to come by in urban areas.

    Good to see you again...

  2. Thanks for following the Lazy Farmer.
    I was just talking to a fellow about small farms last weekend. He is 20 something and sells coffee.
    The idea of living off of a small farm is a wonderful idea but few people understand the huge amount of work that is involved.
    You have to have animals and you have to do so many things yourself.
    We have a smaller modern style farm. I trade hay and grain for been and pork. We have some chickens, but the kids sure don't have to work like kids did a few years back. I spend the winters working equipment to get ready for the summer. Grandpa spent much of the winter behind the plow or milking cows at 4 a.m.
    I don't know if I'm tough enough to make it the old way!


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