Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Joined The Unemployed

Have any of you seen the Princess Bride? In one scene "the little guy above" is telling Andre the Giant....."When I found you you were Unemployed in Greenland"...or something like that. Then he says "you were so poor you could'nt buy Brandy"....that movie was comical....

Well I must say I was let go from my job last Thursday. Many of you who read my blog know there was no love lost between my employers and I. But to say the least I'm a bit nervous about finding a new job. The thing is I was treated like crap for the last 5 years so really what am I losing out on besides a paycheck? Hey I was kind of excited to think about what I will do next and the people I will meet going forward...Maybe I should just take a year off and blog.....Hey that sounds cool "A Blog About Nothing???".....Sound familiar? can I find an investor for that? Someone who will send me all over the world and blog on anything and everything and pay my way? pay my cars, pay my groceries and for socks etc?....God Dam that's it....I need to find a fellar that will pay my way for the year and get me in tune with the world.

At any rate I wanted to let my readers know I have been working on this foreclosed property and I have been gone a lot from my blog......keep the faith I will return next week. You can take my job from me and my weekly check....but you cannot take my since of humor and or my spunk......

In the mean time I shall toss a coin this week and see if I will come back and blog about Aliens and or Bigfoot......or if my investor comes through he can tell me what to blog about.


The Black Widow

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  1. Keep the faith, keep the hope alive and the worm will turn. It's never easy.


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