Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Ok: I'm on vacation and so this might be my last blog till next month. Lately I have been totally addicted to my new show "Ancient Aliens"....Although I don't take the show ver batum I am a firm believer there is life on other planets....The deal is the Universe is like 12-14 Billion years old or something like that and Earth is about 4 Billion. So weather it is a little zygote, a (mus-Ket O) or some kind of worm. Other planets are older than ours and have had more time to evolve than our planet has.
But getting back to Ancient Aliens they are finding lots of older civilizations that predate mans existence earlier than we had originally thought. Whether you like it or not it is a very cool show and I ask that you just go and check it out. You don't even have to believe any of it but what is really cool is the Archaeology that they talk about on the show. The things that earlier peoples have carved into the rocks (that maybe they saw or witnessed).
Whatever the deal it's the kind of crap I love to watch. Im on vacation so Im really screwing the pooch so to speak....Im outa here for a week....
Peace out and check out "Ancient Alliens."...
The Black Widow

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas

I suppose I have gotten a bit mundane with this but I wanted to wish all my viewers a very Merry Christmas. As you all know I'm from a very small town in Northern WI...Its my Christmas wish this year that I get to go home once for Christmas ( I have not been home on xmas for 5 years). As usual my kids are sick again and who knows if that is going to happen. At any rate I'm sure I will have fun at home with them none the less if I dont get up North lets be honest....( I will be pissed) but not at my kids....just the way things go sometimes..
I am looking forward to next year to what I blog about.
I never understood why my blog is called black widow hunting made fun when really I don't talk much about hunting. I really blog about crap and sometimes on very speratic subjects. I am a John Mackenroe of blogging per say. Lately I have been fascinated with Ancient Aliens......and as always Bigfoot. One final note for today is whoever follows me on blogspot( believe it or not) I read your blogs. And what is cool about blogging is that there are a lot of people out there that can write a hell of a lot better than me.. My blog was meant to be fun and with that let me just say thank you for viewing my blog. Merry Christmas........
The Black Widow

Thursday, December 2, 2010


As many of you know I have been working in manufacturing now for some sixteen years. The last 5 have been for a small business in Southern WI. Before that I worked for big corporations for about 15 years in Quality, Sales, and Purchasing. The company I work for now has gotten a bit better since we got rid of our head Sales person and the VP. However our old motto to get business was to lie first and make up shit later to cover that lie (And Better Be FUCKIN Quick About it). That is exactly how my old VP would talk to me.

A few years ago we were trying to get some business from a new Customer. And the VP and the Sales guy thought it would be a good idea to lie to these people and say we had a whole bunch of processes and procedures that were not even developed or tested yet.
So we go to this meeting and this QC guy with 25 years of experience looks at me and says Black Widow do you have these Quality procedures in place. And I looked at him and in a second I said NO. See if you say yes then they want to see the procedures faxed to them the moment you get back to your office. And my dumb ass Sales guy and old VP just were not thinking this way. But having been in several departments I have learned not to say you have something you simply just don't have.
So after all the worry by the VP this guy gives us 30 days to complete the task. On the car ride home I was ridiculed because the Sales guy said I made him look like a dumb ass. I said well in another 30 days you will have what you said you had. And I said you should not have lied to him in the first place. The VP was fuming at me but never said a word. Quite frankly I saved both of their asses.
In today's world don't' be convinced by Smoke and Mirrors as I call it. If you serious about doing business with someone look at their track record and procedures. Look at the day to day operations...Don't take their word "ver batum".....And above all dont' tell a Customer you're something your are not.
The Black Widow

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


As I leave your for the holidays I had Star Trek on my mind. For a couple of reasons this show made history. First thing I cannot forget is when Captain Kirk fought the alien....remember the music.....(da da da DA DA DA DA.....da da da DAA DAAA DDAAA DAAA).....Back when I was a kid I thought this show was totally high tech. Now I look back and watch those shows and I laugh my ass off.
The thing is I think the show was ahead of its time. In order to go to the moon Apollo was not the first prototype / Gemini (I think was)....My point being all cool concepts must start from somewhere. You have to test a concept before you can get it to the moon. And for today all cool space movies I think would not be here without STAR TREK.
Without this show we would have no "Aliens".....we would not have "Predators".....or another all time favorite of mine......"Star Wars".... Hell even Battle Star Galactica.
So I'm heading up north this weekend to relax. I have two goals in that timeframe and that is to see some Star Trek and James Bond.....Eat, shut the phone off and kiss reality good bye for a bit...
Trek on my fellow space junkies....and have a great holiday.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving / Things I'm Thanksful For (Top 10 List)

(please note that the Black Widow does reserve the right to use improper english/grammer/ and misspell words)........

This week I wanted to share with you a few things in my sarcastic tone that I am thankful for. But first is it me or does it seem today that Thanksgiving gets overran by Christmas right away?

Anyway I'm thought about it and I use to fly a lot with the old company I work for. Here is what I'm' thankful for this year.

#1 I'm Thankful for my wife and kids.

#2 I'm thankful "I don't" have to fly any more/ ride coach and put up with the ASSHOLE from first class who cant put his 15 bags in the first 5 rows.....God I don't miss that at all..

#3 I'm thankful that my kids are still in a house this year.

#4 I'm thankful I've been able to swing 2 jobs for the last 5 years to accomplish #2.

#5 I'm thankful for my buddy Dave who watches my dog when I go on vacation. My dog is a bastard in the car and bites me when I get in and out. I love the little guy but I dread every trip with him.

#6 I'm thankful that my kids will have a Christmas this year.

#7 I'm thankful my parents and bro's and sista's are all alive.

#8 I'm thankful I finally got a truck after wanting one for 5 years....I still cannot put down my car and truck magazine which I used to find my truck. Now I catch myself looking for the next one that I want. I'm addicted.

#9 I'm thankful I woke up this year in the world of Politics.

#10 I'm thankful I kept blogging and met the people on here I did to find out more about #9.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone see you next week.

The Black Widow

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Work Ethics Of Today

About 3 years ago now I've noticed a change with the kids coming into our company to apply. Most of them don't have a drivers licence and or already have some type of record with the police. It simply amazes me that they expect to get a J O B but don't have a license to get to work.

When I was going to school I had to work full time on top of that. Now all I hear is "man I better get a raise or I'm out of here".... Some of my poorest times were my college years. I worked as a bus boy making $3.00 an hour cleaning tables while going to school. At that time I smoked like a trooper so most of my tips went for cigs. That is one thing I remember about school "scrounging for cig money"

When I was going to school lot's of my freinds thought they were going to make about 60K a year coming out of college (hell even I thought that...). Those day's are gone my friends along with many high paying jobs for college grads.....
To get into my field I was stuck making $8.00 an hour. Right now I have two nieces trying to get into teaching. That market is hard to penetrate and they are working as aids and getting paid very little. However unlike the kids that work for my company I hear "no' complaints from my nieces "at least they are trying"....

I guess the point of today's story is it seems like you have to try. And many people today just gave up on that concept. There are jobs out there but people are not taking them because if they do they can't make a house payment. For the last 5 years now I have held down a full time job and a part time job. So I say to those people "it can be done"....I've done don't need to make 800K a year to keep your house. Find a 40K dollar a year job and a part time job...It's feasible. I lost everything/ my house/my cars even my dog was pissed at me. But 5 years later I still have my home. And If I can do it....You can do it...Get your work ethic going, get up every day and go do "some type of work". If you don't do that you will fall into a rut and never get out of it. And above all have a little faith.....
The Black Widow

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Probabilities Of The Economy

One thing I love about my blog is I pick random subjects (of which many I know nothing about) and then share my thoughts with you. Why? Because your still reading my blog.

Today's subject has been on my mind now for two weeks or so.

The Subject: Probabilities. So let's look at this for a moment shall we?

Pick any subject that you can think about and "It's" probably gunna happen. Many people can pick a subject and then figure out a ratio (or true odds of something that might or might not happen) kind of like a Vegas card player...

It's really not that hard ......look.

Will the Economy be fixed by President OBAMA and his organization......?"Probably NOT"....

Will the House and Senate come together and help the OBAMA administration develop a plan for new jobs? "Probably NOT".....

Will large Corporations continue to outscource American jobs to other Countries? "Probably"....

Will this Administration continue to find ways to bail out banks that should go under? "Probably".

Will America continue to dump billions of dollars into Afghanistan and get nothing to show for it in return? Probably......

So you see I don't know shit about Probabilities as far as numbers go. But I do know that when you look at the way the Administration is running things now "you and me" "The Little Guys" are gunna get screwed.

And "That" is all you need to know about Probabilities.....Pick something that you want to happen and it wont...Pick something you don't want to happen and it will.....

The Black Widow

Thursday, November 4, 2010


When I was 4 my parents were just getting started farming. At that time there were me and 4 other siblings. Also at that time my parents were very poor and did not get out much. But when they did they usually dropped us off at "The Old House in The Woods" as I called it.
And the person who lived there was called Mrs Bull. She was very poor herself but was extremely nice. Basically my parents used a barter system with her. That meant for watching us my parents gave her meat from cows or chickens that we would butcher (instead of money). One thing I remember about her house was it always smelled like old eggs. I remember coming into her kitchen and there would be eggs all over. Basically after thinking about it she collected eggs from other people and stored them. For how long I don't know but I'm amazed she never got food poisoning.
The other thing I remember was that she was not a very good cook. One time when I was 4 we were all dropped off at her house. And she was going to make us chili. All I can remember was I could not eat it and my brothers (when Mr Bull left the room) poured their chili back into the kettle. I can still hear her today "my you kids must be hungry do you want more?" ...."NO"said my brothers....Apparently they were smarter than me ....
Another thing I remember is sometimes being dropped off alone with her. She did not have any toys and always gave me keys to play with. So I would make up games about being a cop and putting people in jail or something like that. Back then us kids were so poor we had to "create" an imagination. In today's world kids have X Box or Wi and all that is done for them.
This week I have been thinking about many places "if I had a week off" that I would like to go back to and visit. The Old Yellow House and The Old House in the Woods are two places that are tops on my list.
Mrs Bull is no longer with us and I'm sure passed away many years ago. She was a sweet lady now that I think about it but when your four I guess you don't realize that. Very recently my mom gave me an old photo of her and I keep it in an album with my Grandmother.
People come and go in your life very fast so remember to try and have a little fun with your friends and family every day....
I'll be back next week.
The Black Widow

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"The Old Yellow House"

Very recently I was talking to a friend about old houses. Sometimes I blog about things and I will have no idea why....However when I see an old building or a Country house it takes me back to a time when I grew up specifically.

There is one house in particular we called it "The Old Yellow House".....It is located in Lublin Wisconsin way out in the boon docks. To this day I still find myself wanting to go get a picture of that house. We use to rent "The Old Yellow House" when I was very small and I never forgot it even though I was 4 years old.

I have memories of my brothers locking me in the car because I use to nag them a lot. One year for Christmas my brothers got GI Joes and I got a Milk Truck. How comical it was now thinking back on it. The funny thing is they do not have their GI Joes anymore but I still have that dam milk truck at my parents. I can still remember how my mom put up the christmas tree in the same corner of the house every year. Or I can remember snowmobiling with our neighbor Loyd.

Many years later we started a new thing where we would take a trip to this house while taking a break from deer hunting..... It has now become a creepy place with the trees over grown and the basement is full of water. No longer can anyone walk into the house for fear of falling through the rotted floor.

So you see it's really not an old house or an old farm your looking at it's like your past. Somewhere I think in our brains we store memories and obviously when we see certain things it brings those memories back up.

For me the things that make my memories click are old buildings/ farm houses or woods.One thing is for sure for better or for worse I will never forget "The Old Yellow House".

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Staw That Broke The Camels Back

For the last 20 years I have been in manufacturing in one way or the other. Started out running CMM's (cordinate measuring machines) then went to Purchasing and then to Quality. For the last 5 years now I have worked for a company who seems to want to screw me at every chance they get.

About 2 years ago now I was told I had to take a 13% pay cut as did all the other salary people. Also the line workers had to take a cut in the amount of hours they were working. As time went by I forgot about the second one. This morning somehow it came up (I was talking to an hourly person) and she said she never took a paycut nor had she ever had a cut in pay.

Now we use to have a VP who was my boss but we got rid of him and he was pulling in about $1700 per week. We also had a buyer who we got rid of and he was pulling in about 1000 per week. And his inventory was twice mine . I guess my point is Im doing two jobs/Quality and Purchasing as are a lot of people out there in the US. However what makes me upset is I was lied to in the fact that (NOT EVERYONE REALLY TOOK A PAYCUT).

So if we look at the math over the course of the last 2 years Im out 20k and my fellow employee was out nothing. Also several months ago as I've mentioned before my boss now has a brand new beamer (I know where my 13% went)....What I really need to do now is get off my ass and get a new job. I have grown comfortable with my job (or coasting as I call it) but now I guess the straw has broken the camels back.

One time for this company I moved a line of products which required me to look at blueprints and dimensionalize all the parts (thousands of dimensions). The program is worth about 2 million dollars and to move that to another supplier we got a 100K cost savings. Of course I saw none of that but I did have a job.

Are there other people like me who are employed but feel like "The Man" is still sticking it to them? Or am I the only one?

The Black Widow

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Recently I saw a video of a woman walking down a street with a cell phone while horse and buggies drove by. Now a very cool video but I don't believe everything I see. However one thing I do believe in is Evolution. And another thing I believe in is the fact that our planet is only one of billions out there and is not the oldest either. So what fascinates me is the fact that other planets could have created beings that are much older than we are and might be very similar.

Roughly speaking our Universe is like 13.7 Billion years old. And the Earth is like 4.5 Billion years old. Where I'm going with my concept today is that there are other planets out there that could be 8 Billion years old. So I'm no scientist but the idea is lets just say there are beings that are double our age. If these beings are older and smarter than we are the concept of Time Travel is probably not new to them.

So lets just think about this today as your worried about meeting a deadline. What if tomorrow the headlines read "Alien Life form teleports into TV studio" Like it just shows up at a TV station and proves my theory. Would you not shit your pants like I would? I would be like "Holy Crap"......I know a guy right now who is a scientist and is all cut and dry. He says "because of Einsteins Theory" and because of the amount of fuel needed to travel (ships would be to heavy and yada yada yada.....)....What if you don't need a space ship?

Its like talking to my 7 year old. I know much more because I'm more than double his age. But he is very good at concepts just has not figured as much as I have at this point......It would be the same thing with us vrs other species who could possibly be out there.

Maybe I'm wack. But when you work a lot of hours and drive back and forth to work what is more fun than looking for Bigfoot or Aliens or Dog Man? Sometimes you have to create your own fun in life out of nothing. Keep an open mind and don't be surprised in another 20 years if we don't know a mess load more about this subject.

Hope you all have a great weekend I will be back next week.

The Black Widow

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Elliot Spitzer Reviews (The Toronto Sun ) The Jitzu Move

OK I'm sorry I cant stop....It's just insane that we are suppose to put Elliot Spitzer on a pedestal now....I know this is the second post I have had on him but its really not Mr Spitzer I'm after. I'm totally sold down the river that CNN will create news out of nothing and make people think anyone is a saint.... And or they will make people think what they want them to think. And right now they want you to think that Elliot Spitzer is a family man and knows a ton on Economics and more...Maybe he does know some things but we the public are not listening...

You remember in Star Wars how the Jedi will walk up to someone and wave their hands in front of a person and then say "you will do as I say"????? and then the person had a dumb look on his face and said yes I will do as you say? That is what CNN is trying to do right now. They are taking someone who we really don't care to listen to and their throwing him into the limelight and saying (You /the ignorant people of the world .......should This Man.....)
... I mean let's all be honest right now...The first thing I thought of when I saw his co host is I bet he was wondering if he could sleep with her? And I was also guessing that she was or is not happy with the fact that she is working with him....Come on you know he is undressing her with his eyes....
Right now an easier thing for CNN to persuade the American people about is (John Edwards did not sleep with his lover)...I'd buy that one faster than what they are trying to gag me with right now......on anything Spitzer says.
Here's the deal...I bet a friend of mine that I blog with this show has 3 the link below and let the sun times show you the stats on the show......

Whats next from CNN???? Governor Blagojevich Stock Reviews?????......This is so becoming a joke. I'ts like a freight train wreck...I can't stop watching it and the more I watch it the more it bugs me that they are trying to shove this guy down our throat...

The Black Widow

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rick Sanchez (Fired?)

Rick Sanchez fired? First off I will admit that I don't like to see anyone get fired from their job. However I personally did not like Ricks show on CNN. Why? He seemed to come across as so DIVERSE......he preached it......In his stories....And in his tones.....He was a good reporter I just personally did not like his personality.

And so what does he do? Yes he calls John Stewart a bigot? You know these movie stars and politicians are just people like you and me. They all make mistakes and nobody is perfect.

However I cant get off this kick about CNN and how goodie/ goodie they try to be. And now not only do they have Elliot Spitzer who was in trouble with the law they have someone who was obviously against a minority.. In my opinion you have to look at the core of CNN and see who is doing the hiring.

God forbid if we find out Wolf Blitzer wears a snap on tie......

Remember people don't be so quick to judge a book by the cover....Don't be so quick to trust anything you hear from any one reporter (get the story from more than one view point)....And most certainly get the story from more than one resource. I'm sure you will find that when you watch the same story on more than one channel you'll get a better perspective. Life is not all cut and dry and neither is the news.

The Black Widow

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Pot Calling The Kettle Black (CNN & Elliot Spitzer)

Wait....!!!!! S. T. O. P.....!!!!! I'm not slamming Elliot Spitzer today....I'm taking a stab at CNN.....Yes I believe people need second chance and with that congratulations to Elliot on his new job with CNN?
Yes you heard it he has a new show on at 8:00 PM. on CNN.
Remember when the scandal first broke in New York? It was alleged that Elliot spent a pultry 80K on prostitutes? CNN literally had this guy on for 24 hours a day (I'm' exadurating a bit..) but my point is they were slamming him to no end.
Now a couple of years later he is working for them ??????? Im confused on a several things.....
#1 I'm sure Elliot has to buck up and take care of his family but that has to be hard to work for CNN.
#2 How does CNN even think about hiring him after they slam him for weeks about the scandal?
#3 Is CNN so Righteous as they proclaim? I mean after all to me and I'm sure many people out there in the U.S. this is a grey area. (Remember when CNN slammed some people from the South for trying to celebrate their history/ made them look silly on the air and tried to make it look like they did not like African Americans) but apparently its ok to hire people who sleep with Prostitutes....
#4...But above all I can't figure out why Fox is not mentioning this more on their brodcasts...I've been busy lately have any of you been up to speed on this subject?
This whole thing is kind of like "the pot calling the kettle black".
The Black Widow

Thursday, September 30, 2010

My First Truck

Wow I have been busy.....Sorry friends I have not been around lately....In todays economy you have to keep re inventing your self....Very recently I just unloaded 6K dollars in debt by selling one of my cars. Two car payments is too many for one house hold...But the best thing I have going lately is I'm a Northern Boy and I finally get my first truck..Men like trucks not little sissy cars like I was driving....Sure I will no longer get 35Mpg but now when I want to haul something I can throw it in my new (used truck) of which I will not owe a penny on...

I think it's like buying a boat. This is not the best truck in the world but now after using it for a year I will know what I like and dont' like about it. I'm sure I wont like the fuel mileage already but I'm planning accordinly on my budget.
Is there anyone out there in the planet who is a truck lover like me? Girls love countertops/shopping and girly stuff....I love TRUCKS.....

Monday, September 13, 2010


Recently we went fishing for salmon on Lake Michigan again. This was our second year and let me tell ya that lake scares the shit out of me. I'm a northern boy and use to fishing on rivers and lakes (about 8 miles in dia.)....But on Michigan you can be out 20 miles and not even see land.

Last year while drinking my second bacardi and coke I noticed the captain had a black box in the cabin. Um yea, translation this boat can sink....So the waves can get pretty high and I thought this year would be smooth because it was a sunny day. ..Wrong...need to look at the wind not the sun....Waves were at least 5' high....I started drinking some brews about 8:00 and they did not go down so good. When you get up at 3am to go fishing you have to have something in your stomach before you drink (note to self)...more waves....and more waves....they just keep coming....

So next year might be our 3rd year at this. Number one Im going to eat a goat before I go. Number two if I drink in the morning Im having bacardi and coke/not beer. And number 3 if there is so much as 1 wave 1'foot not going fishing and will call it quits before I even get on that boat.........

The Black Widow

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Tis my belief that we all have a soul. And it also my belief that your soul craves the great outdoors. Many years ago now I quit smoking and started this thing with my breathing. Also to relieve stress I sometimes stop near my favorite outdoor area by a lake that you see here.
It is amazing to me how your busy world can melt away by just stopping and listening to nature. The area above has a lot of ducks and geese that I watch and just chill. The thought that always crosses my mind is that even if you are not on this planet all this nature stuff is. Nature has been around a lot longer than you have. So I guess the point of my story for today is stop and enjoy it. Take a chill pill and relax and let the world revolve a few turns without you in it.
The Black Widow

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


You know how it is as hot as hell in WI and then suddenly that cool air comes in toward October? Very recently I was looking at my date planner and holy shit...Like only 3 months left before Christmas. My kids are already looking into what they want to dress up like this year. This is my second favorite time of the year (Xmas being number 1)....
But ole hallows eve is spooky and mysterious. Our town is very into it and the kids make out like bandits when it comes to candy. The other thing I love about this time of year is they come out with the bugs bunny halloween specials...Remember the old witch? she tries to put bugs bunny in the oven and bake him? Or there is another one where porky the pig and sylvestor stay in a huanted house...The ghosts are trying to get at porky pig and slyvestor stays up all night protecting him. Then gets scolded for waking up porky....great stuff....
I mean come on for this holiday you have to have a sense of humor. I think there are many people out there who think it's a waste of time and sinfull.....To bad they are going to miss all the fun....I'm looking forward to it and so is my family.....
The Black Widow

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Cents of Humor

Love the little guy with the gun...I say we train animals to join the army..Kind of like little go bots or something. Anyway today I want to talk about my since of humor and what you get for being my friend. Some good some not so good.
As an example back in high school my best friend would come over. At the time I had an Australian healer (the best cow dog on the planet). He loved to bite cows or people. My friend would come to the door and i would say to Otis (my dog) ssssss........his ears would pop up and he would come up behind my buddy and nip the back of his this day my buddy and I still laugh about this...Oh by the way...s.sssss to Otis mean sick him or bite him.....
Or there have been many times where I call up a cousin and pretend I'm one of my brothers. Not only do I call my cousins but many times I will call them collect. And as the operator is talking I will yell "I'm stranded".....My cousins are suckers and will always pick up the phone....I know what your thinking " never cry wolf to much right?"...
My latest thing now (forgive me girls) is I play "who's hot at the gas station" I'm getting gas I look to see who is hot and who is not. For gods sake don't yell at me I think they actually made a show off of this kind of concept. The thing is sometimes I see ugly people and that is not good for the game. Its very shallow/ I know and I'm sure I will go to hell for playing the game....
One time I was driving through Eau_Claire WI and I spotted "Coffee Guy" after 20 some years there he was.....Back in School I would wait on tables or cook and we had this guy come in and all he would do is order coffee and eat mints. He would sit with his friend for hours during a buffet and just talk. One day a friend of mine asked "who is that guy?"....And I just simply said that is "Coffee Guy" ....the name stuck to this day.
The point of the story is sometimes life sucks. And there are many people out there I'm sure with more of a twisted since of humor than mine. But if you don't' have a since of humor how do you get through life? I suppose people without one go off sometimes (rob stores or shoot people)...If you don't have a since or sense of humor.....I suggest you go out and get one over this holiday....
The Black Widow

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's time to say good by

Many people in the U.S. right now dont' have a job. I am one of the lucky ones because I think I work 3. First I work a full time job, then I manage apartment buildings and now I have started a thing where I clean up foreclosed properties for banks.

The reason for my story is what is going on the in the world today and that is companies are cutting back. See for the company that I manage apartments for I use to have 3 properties. But now the original apartment managers want to come back (because they can't find other jobs). And as it also turns out my management company is taking them back because they were paid less than me and now they will get a cost savings.

Luckily for me I have saw the writing on the wall (when I lost my first property) and I started my own thing. Very soon now If I make it through the winter with my last property they will pull that from me by next year. The thing is I have been doing this for 5 years coming up in march and I'm very tired of it. I don't mind going to work but taking care of peoples complaints (especially from 80 some apartments) has a mental affect on you. I have recently found out that I like cutting grass and working on buidings where I dont' have to deal with so many people.

The moral of this story is as they say "all good things must come to an end"....And that apartment manager job I had is gunna come to an end. And If it does not by march 5th of 2011, I will pull the plug on it myself. That will be 5 years after my bankruptcy which seems a life time ago. I guess it helped pay for many things in the past 4 years but it's time to dump "it" a bad habbit.

The best of luck to all the working class people out there.

The Black Widow.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Coffee SPILL

You know I cannot survive without coffee...However many of you know this "is" a dangerous substance...Say you get into your car all dressed nice and casual for work. You have on your nice dockers and on your way to work you spill...just a bit...But enough for the whole world to know you spilled coffee...Like for miles away they can see that little spot that you so elequantly tried to wash away with water....
Or what always happens to me is I have a Nuclear Coffee Explosion like today in my office. I'm moving a piece of paper and what %^*** happens but I knock over my cup of coffee onto my desk. At first I was really mad but now I've remembered I have not cleaned my desk in like 3 weeks. So after mopping up that coffee I found a clean desk.
Are you like me where you have piles of crap on your desk (and each pile has a reason)....But then like after several months you actually look at the pile and think...."hmmm I have not used any of this material so I will throw it away?"....Then what happens? Yes you are correct a new pile will suddenly pop up that you "will get to later".....
So my first thought was after my coffee spill I would no longer drink coffee !!!!any more..... at my desk...!!! But then after thinking about it clearly for a second longer....If I don't' drink coffee at my desk I will never be able to keep my desk clean..
The Black Widow

Thursday, August 19, 2010


The above photo is very near my folks home in the country. As I get older I take more and more photos of the land near by because I miss the area and I miss the times I had growing up. When you live in the country you are away from all the hustle and hub bub. You can buy like two weeks of groceries go home and never see anyone. You can come out at night and listen to the crickets and birds and suck in the cool spring air.
I remember a lot about growing up but the biggest thing I remember is my families ability to give. At that time my parents were making less than poverty but you know we always had clothes and we always had food. In the summer we would make hay and oats/any extra would be donated to other farmers who did not have a good year. My parents always volunteered at the local church and helped with meals and that sort of thing.
At night in the summer we played baseball in the fields with our neighbors and all the neighborhood kids would come. If we ever did watch tv we had 3 channels and those we did not have to pay for. On Saturday nights my parents would always watch Hee Haw and that the Lawrence Welk show.
I guess what I miss about growing up in the country is life is just simple. In today's world there are so many material things which you really don't need. Everyone has to have a boat, or a motorcycle or the latest gadget. Maybe because I never had those things growing up I dont miss them. What I do miss though is everything to do with living in the country.
The Black Widow

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Leaders Vrs Followers

A while ago I was very upset with CNN because as usual people Die in Iraq every day. And what did they cover for 4 days? Yes Michael Jackson's death. So I suppose my story comes down to my heading of "leaders vrs followers"...Maybe I should not be so upset with CNN but instead with all the people who I call followers. Their are so many people in this World who have no since of direction. They jump on any band wagon and want to be part of a crowd. Whatever is written must just be gospel (no pun intended at the bible).

After losing everything 4 years ago my main focus in life has been to take care of my family. I set a goal for an income and work as many jobs as I had to every year to meet that cash flow. And if I'm lucky I get to come home by 9:00 p.m and maybe catch some real news.

That is why I find it so weird with the amount of time wasted on movie stars, baseball players or whatever. I understand people need hobbies but I think some people are way to attached to movie stars. I mean like they are crying their eyes out when a star walks by? Like is that movie star better than you or I? HELL no... Go out in the world and make things happen in your life. Don't worry about what Jimmy or Jane has or wants. Go get what you want and make that happen for you.

Give me Science...

Give me History..

Give me Politics..

Don't give me shit about what Ricky Martin or any other Star is up to or what they are wearing or who they are screwing (thats a run on sentance).

Give me something like facts on Global Warming. Where are we with Iran and Israel? How can we eliminate death in Iraq for our Soldiers? Give me that and you have my attention. Give me garbage and I will just shut you off.

The Black Widow

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Last year we are all concerned about the Swine Flu....Remember that is was going to be a Pan Demic according to CNN....Recently I have read about the NDM-1 super bug found in India and other areas. First off what concerns me is my son has athsma and his immune system does not work as well as yours or mine might. But what concerns me more is that maybe Super Bugs at some point will be the end of society.
This latest one (NDM-1) is resistant to all antibiotics. This is like one super antibiotic but that apparently does not always work against this bug. The thing is with Global airlines and people moving from here to there you don't' need a terrorist to bring a dirty bomb...people are already effecting each other with these bugs that travel from shore to shore.
Now that to me is becoming more scary than a nuclear attack. What is more scary is some countries are taking these bug and mutating them with all sorts of things. One day you can have a cold and the next day after aquiring this can have cancer.
Along with the desctruction of Nuclear Arms....maybe the working with Super Bugs aught to be the next thing that we get rid of.
This my scary shit.
The Black Widow

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Whats Coming

For those of you who don't know me well I am a Nature Freak. I love everything to do with animals, the outdoors and old buildings. Recently I purchased a camera for $100.00 so I can improve my blog photos. I'm still getting use to it (the above photo is only at 5M and I just increased my camera to 8M after this picture was taken...The point is I like to forget about the world and get in touch with my nature side sometimes.
This morning (look at the photo closely) there was a buck and a doe out eating in a field on my ride to work. I have not figured out my zoom feature yet but there are in the middle of the photo. No worries they just simply watched me as I watched them. In a world of oil spills, people killing each other and just simply hate......To me its nice to revert back to nature and enjoy what "it" has to offer. Just to enjoy a simple moment in time when the phone is not ringing or you have to worry about that next bill.
Now with my camera with me every day perhaps I can capture that elusive shot of Bigfoot, or Aliens? Well it's always fun to think with a since of humor anyway. Please enjoy my nature photo and have a nice day.......Take the day off from all the news and propaganda and enjoy Nature.
The Black Widow

Christmas Is Coming

Ok for the record this is not my photo....But it is pretty so Im using it if not ok let me know I'll take it down.
The reason I'm writing today is very soon it will be Xmas. Something in my brain (I know Im getting older) tells me the years are going by too fast. And to me once July is over it's soon December. Things go that fast for me now.
The point I want to talk about today is the fact that I can say the word Christmas. See I grew up Catholic and while I don't always pracitce my faith I shall never be anything other. However I also believe that each and every religion should have the right to practice their faith. And so every year I get upset when I hear people are asked not to put up Xmas trees in certain areas for decorations.
You see for some people (like me.....)it's not a matter of's a matter of tradition. Should I be able to tell a Jewish person he can't practice Honika? (Hell No)...Why? because that is his or her own tradition and or religion. So when I put up my Xmas tree this year and someone asks me to take it down I'm going to tell them to go to Hell. I think there are many people in this world that were sucked in on how the Xmas tree is a religious symbol (It....Is....Not...).....
So this year I'm allready in the Xmas spirit. Every year I buy myself a new (cheap ass digital/analog watch).....Usually I spend about $12.00 on myself and get my wife a little something in order to make it fun for us.. We spend about a few hundred on the kids so they get their fun.
The Holidays are about family and making memories with them.
So stand up for your rights this year. If you want to practice Honika then that is your right. If you want to practice being a Catholic go do so. That is your right as a Citizen of the United States of America. But when people who are citizens put up a tree that is their right to do so.
Here in Black Widow Land you are allowed to practice whatever faith you want.
Just don't ask me not to write or talk about Xmas trees...
The Black Widow

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Motley Crue (how music keeps you alive)

Recently I have been talking a lot about my past 4 years and how I have had a rough go of it. Also recently I have been trying to reconnect with many of my original friends. It just so happens that Friday I got a surprise visit from my best friend in the Universe. He had brought his little girl along and she's the same age as my twins. So we all had a nice visit and the kids played and we were able to talk about old times.
Many times in High School when together I listened to Motley Crue in the car and we talked about life and where we were going. He served in Iraq and many other Countries and now resides in Texas. One thing in life I always say is you cant take money with but you can take your memories. And that is what life is always about...."making memories"...
Throw out everything negative you know about Motley Crue and just think of them as a talented band. What is so inspirational about them and other bands is the ability to pull a lyric and or a note and combine it to give you something spiritual. And once this is done it also gives your mind an ability to flash back to early years and maybe make you feel a little younger. Maybe not just the Crue but maybe you like Mozart or Willie? Think about the talent it takes to make music. I am not worthy.....
Recently I've noticed that many movies are now playing a lot of songs from the 80's. When this happens it takes me back to moments in time that I have talked about before. Last night my friend wanted to see Hot Tub Time Machine. A funny movie but for my friend and I, the funniest part was in the end. The main character in the movie was on stage posing as Vince Neil. To us this was hillarious becauseVince Neil can sing and I'm sure this actor cannot. We laughed our asses off and I was so happy to be spending time with my old friend......
The point of the story is not everyone loves Motley Crue or Hot Tub Time Machine. But there are very few moments in life when you can share a laugh with friends and make memories. And there are even fewer moments when you can share times with your best friends. My friend and I we have not laughed out loud together in over 25 years. Go out today and talk to some of your old friends....Call them on the phone or send them a letter. You will never have friends like you had in High School. Not all of us can be talented and play for Motley Crue. But we can all have friends and make great memories...I have been blessed in the last month to have seen many of my old friends.
Take a moment today and put a smile on your face...Call and old buddy.
The Black Widow....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Living Life

For my weekly readers I will be leaving today and back on Monday 08/02/10. But for today I want to talk to you about Living Life. I can't seem to stop talking about it but when I went bankrupt 4 years ago it took a toll on my life. Many people hated me (banks etc)but what I did not know is even big corporations can go bankrupt (the thought never crossed my mind)...The whole point is this story is what I did with my life since. When your growing up you always think your famliy will be there for you. But to be honest there are many times in your life that family cannot help you with what you have going on.
So this is the point in life when you find out what your really made of. In my case I went into bankrupcy for 500K. One day while losing my house I looked at my shitzu. At the time many apartments we were looking at would not take dogs. Also he was one of my only friends I could talk to because my wife hated me at that time. So I looked at him and said yes my little friend we will also find a way to keep you.. I found out even if I took an apartment I would have paid more in rent than I was for my house. So I started thinking of a way to keep my house (started looking for an investor).
My whole thing was I wanted my kids life to stay normal...Stay in their house/ not have to move and keep the same friends. I took the brunt of everything and kept all the negativity and threats from my family (phone calls from banks/threats from investors etc). Many things I endured they have no idea about.

What I wanted to talk to you about today is your ability to be tuff in hard times. There are people like me with a since of humor that without it have nothing. With everything I went through I found my since of humor kept me at peace. It is the one thing that God gave me (No Man) can take from me.
So my favorite story (when I went bankrup) was the hot dog story. I was driving my van around trying to figure out things and it was lunchtime and I was hungry. The day before I had thrown a hot dog on my van floor and left it there in a wrapper to throw out the next day. Well it was still there and I only had gas money for the van and no money for food..So I picked up my hot dog and ate it for lunch that day. As I was driving I laughed my ass off because I thought (who in their right mind would do such a thing?). At that moment I knew my life sucked and I had to get off my ass and fix things. At that moment I accepted the fact that I was about to lose everything and had to figure out how to take care of my family.
The thing is I hear so many people in the world with negativity. Now granted I agree not having a job sucks and so does losing your home. I pray for these people all the time because I lived it. But my point of the story today is keep your SPIRIT alive. Find something that is fun that you like to get through every day....For me it was playing with my kids or finding a new project to work on. I'm also a photograpy buff and love outdoor photos or movies. If you let yourself get to depressed that simply is not a good thing.

Life "is" what you make of it. Go out and find something good about it and don't let it get you down all the time. Pick one day a week and have that be your day. No phone family members just sit at the park and watch the ducks (or take your dog along and have a quite day). We each have somthing to offer in life so when life gets you down figure out what that is and be happy at least that you have somethign to offer.
It's allready August and pretty soon this year will be done and you will be another year older. Time flies.....remember death.

The Black Widow

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My BP Boycott

First before I tell you why I'm boycotting BP gas stations let me tell you what I think about Oil Drilling. First I think our Country needs to drill or we will be at the mercy of other Countries (they can raise our prices etc). But here is what I think of BP. Not only did they do a lousy job of cleaning up the mess down South but I think they have other issues coming down the pike. I saw a documentary last night on the Alaskan pipeline and it looks like BP is also trying to cut corners there. Cutting out jobs and not maintaining equipment etc (basically my theory is they may be creating more safety issues). Any maybe it's not really BP I'm pissed at but just large corporations fucking with people.
So today I quit going to my BP station where I live. You can all do what you want but I've lived with a corporation that screws people (the company I work for). And my thought last night is I can do something about this. I can cut out the money I give them and hopefully that is at least some strain on them buying pencils or paper clips for the office.

Coffee and Doughnut in the morning......$1.50 x 52 weeks....(I'm getting fat anyways)...= $390.00

Gas for both of my cars......just a ball park but I'm guessing I'm in the $3000.00 / year.

Odds and ends (butter, eggs etc) add on about $100.00 throughout the year.
So as of today *I'm cutting out at least $3500.00 from BP......The less money they have ....the less cash in their pockets.

Again its not the fact they had an oil spill. I'ts the way I think they run their company. Everyone has choices (even BP) I just chose to wash my hands of them.
The Black Widow

Thursday, July 22, 2010

GOING HOME (America)

This weekend Im heading home to see my parents for the first time in 9 months. I'm actually quite happy about that and love going back to see the family and the farm. One thing I noticed since I had kids is I really look forward to each and every season with them. Each season in Wisconsin has something fun to offer. But looking back on my life now the best time of year for me has always been the Fall. I use to love Halloween and of course after that was deer hunting and football season.
The reason I love Fall now is the tree's start to turn and the chill is in the air which will soon mean the beginning of the Christmas season. Now I know what your saying how can I be talking about Christmas in July? To me once July is over August goes by like the snap of your fingers. And once that is done it's September and before you know's Christmas..
Anway I'm looking at the photo above and it is not mine. It was created by someone else but that's the cool thing about painting and photography. It does not have to be yours but all you have to do is look at it and the photo can take you back to a moment in time when you were happy. Whenever I look at a farm photo (and especially of in the Fall) I think of my parents farm and what they went through to feed and cloth us. I think how in the world did they do it? And then I think if they can do it I can do it.
There is something to be said about America in that it was built by people who worked their ass off and did not know when their next meal would come. But not only did they have to feed themselves they had to feed their kids. This Country was built by your parents and mine and no matter where they are today, take a moment and be proud of what they did for you. When I see a photo like the one above I just instantly think of how fortunate I am to have the family that I have and to live in this Country. I'm happy for the opportunities my kids will have and hopefully their kids as well.
This weekend I'm going to take a vacation. I'm going to take a load off and think about the things I love. I'm going to take some time with my family and sit back and relax on the farm. Life goes by pretty fast so sometimes it is true what they say (sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses). Remember when you were 19 and wish you were 26? Don't do that anymore it just goes so fast.
Have a great weekend everyone and I will talk with you all next week. Very soon Fall will come and with that plan something fun with your kids.
The Black Widow

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Libray of Alexandria

The library of Alexandria.....Existed somewhere in the neighborhood of 283BC. Can you imagine what we would have known about the world if this library still existed? I'm sure the thing had tons of papers on Aristotle and other philosophers of the day. What I recently discovered was an interesting procedure that took place at the library (or so I have read). When ships would come into Alexandria they would take the books from the ships/ whether they were from Eastern shores or Western shores (copy the book) and give it back to its owners.

Now think about that...First off ships came from all over the world and if this library material still existed, we would have known many things about many people from all over the world. In today's world if you want to make a copy you go to a photocopy machine and make one. Back then they had scribes writing by hand all day to translate a copy of a book. At one time this library is said to have had a million scrolls. Maybe what I find so interesting about the library is I named my son after Alexander The Great (I thought his history was fascinating). But what I did not know until today was the character who may have inadvertently burnt the library down. And that my friends was Julias Caesar (who also had an intersting history).

What would we have found in writings on Aliens at that time? Or was there any mention about God? History is an amazing thing and I think it's a shame that many people want to change how we teach our kids actual History.

The Black Widow

Thursday, July 15, 2010

COMMON SENCE (A Goal To Be 1000#)

I think many people in the world are like the photo above. They are a ship that is out of control and is going to crash. Recently I heard about a woman who has a goal of becoming 1000# so that she can get in the guiness book of world records. Currently I'm 6'3" and at one time I was 265# and let me tell you something that was a lot of weight to carry. Now I'm still at 228# and trying to lose more. But what happens in a persons mind where they think..."Oh yea I have to weigh more..." I have to weigh 1000# What is going on in their brain?

Apparently this lady has a website that people can "pay" to log on and watch her eat. First off I must say I will say a prayer for this lady because I personally think there is something wrong with her way of thinking. But on the other hand who would "pay" to watch someone eat? Is this world so fucking boring that there is nothing else to do than to grab your credit card/ pay/and watch somone eat? I've been around the block a little bit but I think this story in my mind about takes the cake.

I am somewhat fat person...I have nothing against fat people..And I think there are people who have health issues where they simply cannot lose weight. But I really have a problem with people who try to gain FAT on purpose as in this case. There is just simply something wrong with treating your body in this way.

This lady I heard about simply has no "Common Sense".....

The Black Widow

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ancient Aliens Vrs God

While I don't put a lot of weight into them (And I know they are Trash) I love to follow stories on Bigfoot, Ancient Aliens and Ghosts.

Recently though I saw a show on Ancient Aliens. And in it the guests of the show were talking about how the bible has it wrong. Maybe it was not God who came down from the Heavens, maybe it was Aliens. Now Im a guy that grew up Catholic and I went to church every day before school and on weekends. So I will be the first to admit that I may not believe everything in the bible (some parts maybe are stories passed down from generation to generation) and I believe that many religions have parts that are just that. Stories that are passed down from generation to generation. However in each Religion there is a God or a person etc.
So Im sorry to say no...I don't think Ancient Aliens are the Gods...Why?
Newtons Law of Motion ("every body will persist in it's state of rest or of uniform motion (constant velocity) in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it.
So to me the as a young child I believed in God maybe because my parents did. But as I got older and I found out about the big bang and Newtons Law and that sealed the deal for me. Did Aliens create the Big Bang? No.....Could they have come to this planet? Yes.....could they exist? Yes.......Could God have created Aliens ...Yes...
Do you know out of all the Galaxies ours is the youngest one out there?. There are billions of Galaxies and planets out there. If our Galaxy is the youngest that means there are other planets and Galaxies which have had had millions of years to run through evolution before us.
And yes I think there is a place where Evolution and Religion go together. Perhaps we all came from monkeys (evolved from them) Im ok with that.
But in the end....Something......or Some "One".....had to create that big bang....There had to be a force..... And I'm sorry to say Ancient Aliens did not do that. Maybe we were all a zygote at one time and we evolved to get here. If it were not for the Big Bang my friends.....We would not be here...I also do not believe as the Athiests tell you....the Big Bang...Just happened.
The Black Widow

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So my wife and I pride ourselves on keeping a very clean house (ok to be honest her more than I). However every now and then we have a spider infiltrate our house. Many of you know I am afraid of spiders. If you don't know that you do now...The thing that is I have lived now in my house for 10 years but only recently have I found a short FAT black spider....On his back I saw a little white but not much...Now a while ago my wife had commented about she too found a black spider in our bed downstairs..(I am serching for this spider)....

Only recently have I found these and I do not think they are Black Widows. The thing is spiders are every where. Even if you lift up your covers tonight and there is not one there (which I catch myself doing every now and the) does not mean he or she (a friendly spider) cannot join you in bed after you are sleeping....Give me fricken snakes/rats....or anything/ but spiders.....I hate spiders....
Now here is where I take a jump......It is a proven fact that in the with the big bang theory many materials were thrown all over space. And inside many of those materials were the sparks of life that were created here on this planet. It is my belief that many life forms that are on earth today travled from other planets and came here on meteorites etc.
Just bear with me....Im getting to the point. The Universe is a huge place and there are millions of stars and galaxies out there. If my theory is correct (in that spider life was indeed shot here from another planet)........They could then in fact actually exist on other planets themselves.....
When I look at spiders to me they are like Aliens of another life form..."THAT" what freaks me out about them...They are smart...agile and they hide from you....A dog does not hide from me nor a cat or a cow....But a spider........sure he will eat flies.....maybe an insect or two....But in my mind I think they were sent or came from another torment me....If indeed we ever go to another planet or galaxies....Men...or Women...will never be rid of Spiders...I will bet on other planets..if my theory is true, spiders will be bigger and even more scarry.....
Spiders "Freak Me Out"....Enjoy you sleep tonight.....
The Black Widow....

The Vikings

Lately I have been fascinated with the Vikings of the old lure. Last week I saw a show on my History channel which thought they may have already been in the New World before Columbus was. Before I get to my small story let me first say I have promised to read a book on them soon.

Now....I cant make it a fricken day without having a mountain dew. So this week I told myself I'm going to live like a Viking and not have any soda pop. Normally my day at work is stressful and I eat crap all day. Can you imagine that your a Viking and you say OK today we're getting in a boat and traveling about 300 or 1000 miles. Wait....did they have coffee back then? What the hell did these people eat for breakfast? (I'm guessing potatoes?).....I sure as hell know that if they were hungry between meals they did not eat a snickers....or they did not go to the vending machine and grab a dew like I do.
The thing is my second job I have I take care of apartment buildings in the winter. I have to shovel snow for the older people so they don't slip on the ice etc. Sometimes its like 40 below below and when I get home to my house it's toasty warm....I usually fall asleep... Now imagine your a Viking / its winter and your traveling in the Ocean with freezing water coming into your boat...There is no little house to escape and be warm in either got tough like a mother fucker or you died.
From what I've read so far a very interesting people....I'm very interested in the Roman people also but lately what fascinates me about the Vikings is I believe they had the balls to travel to the new world..And if that is the case they did not have snickers and soda on their trip. So I should be able to survive one week without Dew...My vow to myself for the day.
If anyone out there can recommend a kick ass book on the Vikings.....please let me know..
The Black Widow

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Sebatical

In a way I have taken a sabbatical from my blog. Not that I wanted to but as many of you know I have been working on a website that is now in 26 countries and 38 U.S. states. I worked on that baby for 2 years but alas we have a 17K dollar hurdle to over come and I think our program may die.

At any rate today I want to talk about living within your means a bit. As many of you know about 4 years ago I started a mfg company (raised 250K) and went bankrupt. Lost my house and had to get an investor to buy it back ( I had to pay him 10K above what we agreed on to get my house back). To do that I have been working two jobs now for 4 years and it has been tuff....
My wife and I have cut down many family trips and I'm sure the relatives are getting sick of it. What that means is for the last 4 years instead of heading to northern WI every month we have taken that money ($75.00 one way) and thrown it at a credit card or a bill. You know by the time you hit the road/ pay for gas and eat...its like there goes $200.00.

This is truly painful because I love my family a lot. I see the nephews and nieces growing up and I am not there. When I look at it I have almost dug myself out of a 10K hole in 4 years by working like a mother.
In the end I'm sorry to all my relatives for not being able to get up north. But the bottom line is if I don't have it I don't spend it. Nor do I increase the amount of money I owe on my credit card and think...."oh yea I will pay for it later".......To be honest its this frugal attitude that has kept my two kids in a house. I have faltered here and there but the bottom line is they are still in their house. To do that I will have to be with my family only in spirit for a while. In January of 2011 I shall finally be caught up and maybe next year I can make some more trips.
And finally let me leave you with this. Anyone out there know how to drop mountain dew from my diet? I'm addicted to that crap ......
The Black Widow

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Oil Spill

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm......hmmmmmmmmmm.......Lets say you went and bought 5 Gallons of paint and dumped it in a river near your town. And now lets say that the DNR saw you do this. They would be all over you like flies on shit. Take your car, your gun and probably your horse too.

Now: BP is dumping thousands of gallons of oil in the ocean and Im not hearing squat about a fine or anything as of yet.....But the bottom line here is at some point this is such a mess up that I think the Govt has to step in. All I hear is we will fix it and so far no results. Where is the DNR when you need them?

One thing is for sure if I find out that BP only has to pay the 700M that is on the books I'm writing my congressman. The smaller guy on the street always gets a bigger fine than the large corporation.

The Black Widow

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Facebook Groups

Of course being fired is never fun. But I have to tell you....lately I'm addicted to face book. One day I was on there and I noticed you could create groups. So i got in there playing around and wow...I realized that inside groups you can hire and fire people or change their positions.

So with my since of humor now I created a group...something like Galk..... at least it sounds like it. Then I invited my friends. Now over the last 4 years I have worked for a company who has treated me like dirt. So that is exactly what I'm doing I'm treating my employees like dirt and they get to see what I've been through.

My goal as I put out on the company letterhead is to have 80% Directors and 20% employees. Today I went through the fictitious budget and realized us Directors needed more money so I had to cut all the employees' money.

Basically I hire and fire someone every day based on the nothingness of real life. My company that I actually work for would rather fire you than look at you. Like today I promoted a director of purchasing and told him to blame all his issues on the Quality department.

Then I promoted a Director of Quality and told him he is the Last to Know and the First to Blame....Cause that is how it is. Then I promoted a Sales guy and told him to sell something on commission/ take the commission only to find out Quality and Production cannot build the parts because he never got prints when he made the sale. This actually is not funny stuff since I have lived with people like this and that did these things to me. I guess I had to make myself a Director to actually have any fun......

How can one have so much fun on facebook?

The Black Widow

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rocket Science......How your life really went

When I was growing up I had an insatiable urge to build stuff. Later I noticed my nephew had the same issue. He was always creating something and now my boy is the same way. Sometimes when your growing up you think you will steer your life in a certain direction. And then one day you wake up and you realize you did'nt go in that direction. While I never thought I was going to be a Rocket Scientist maybe I did think I would be more than what I am today. But I guess we all have to deal with reality.

This year now in May I'm going to be 43 and while I have not accomplished everything I wanted I have done some cool things. Remember when you were in High School and you always wanted to be older? And now when your 43 you think "oh no I don't want to be 50"...... And I'm sure before I know it I will be 50....That is depressing.... That's when you try and calm yourself and say at least I'm not 60.....

May is my birthday......eeek......Say a prayer for an old man......

The Black Widow

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Settlers Cabin

Take a good look a the cabin on the left. Maybe about the size of 12'x14" tops. A while ago now in Poyonette WI we visited a park there with a cabin similar to this. My sister met a granddaughter of a family that use to live in this style of cabin. That was pretty cool stuff to hear about a family who lived that long ago (a piece of history). The thing is the family had like 12 kids. Can you imagine having 12 people in this thing, eating, sleeping etc?
Think about how people had to work to survive back then. They had to work to make money and they had to work (cutting wood to heat their house). They had to work their ass off in the fields to make food and if they were not doing that they were probably mending clothes or something else in their day to day lives. No radio, no tv and certainly no coke or fast food.
Today if your clothes are worn you just go to a super store and buy new ones. No food in the fridge just head out to the grocery store (in your CAR).....Not miles away in your horse and buggy. Take a moment and think of the fear these people must have gone through,worrying about how to feed the kids or if one of them got sick. Or maybe being attacked by the native people at the time.
Now really is your day today going to be all that bad?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fox News Channel

As two nights ago I have completely boycotted CNN. For two nights now I have turned to Fox News and I actually saw some news. I did not see Tiger woods for 2 hours or I did not see Race issues for 5 hours. All I saw was some news........CNN is going to be like my cable company and that is their numbers are going to dwindle. Why is that? Because it is my belief they are trying to pit White Vrs. Black. Anyone that talks about their white history in the South (see my confederate flag post) is seen as a Racist.

Good Luck CNN and good luck to my cable company. Your both going to be in bankruptcy court in the next 3 years.

The Black Widow

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Cable Companies (A THING OF THE PAST)

A while ago now I told you how I was going to drop my Cable...My monthly bill was around $155.00 which was not terrible but as I get older I'm getting more into the principle of things. As an example my cable company was charging me $155.00 a month and new customers for the same package $85.00 per month. Now self...Self I says there's something wrong with that. I've paid my cable bill like Johnny on the spot and I'm gettin the shaft. Basically the only thing I have now is my phone and then TV through a Satelite.
Why? I would have dropped everything and went to a TV (Digital) however my twins just Love Sponge Bob. So I'm going to drag along a bit further and then kiss my cable company good by.
As it turns out according to a Yahoo article I've read some 800,000 other people on this planet are thinking the same way I am thinking. People want stuff right now and they don't want to pay for it.
We are all cutting costs and while the Cable companies are in the 100 millions of subcribers I see that number dwindling like Blockbuster. By next year I'm living off cell phones alone and will piggy back my internet through the phone. With my labptop I will be completely mobile and if I have to order a movie I'll do it right there and then. Or I can come home to my house and watch my free TV brought to you buy free digital......
My partents live on a farm in Northern WI and with the digitial TV they get 12 stations. Its only going to get better.
Good by Cable companies AND>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GOOD RIDDANCE
The Black Widow