Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Libray of Alexandria

The library of Alexandria.....Existed somewhere in the neighborhood of 283BC. Can you imagine what we would have known about the world if this library still existed? I'm sure the thing had tons of papers on Aristotle and other philosophers of the day. What I recently discovered was an interesting procedure that took place at the library (or so I have read). When ships would come into Alexandria they would take the books from the ships/ whether they were from Eastern shores or Western shores (copy the book) and give it back to its owners.

Now think about that...First off ships came from all over the world and if this library material still existed, we would have known many things about many people from all over the world. In today's world if you want to make a copy you go to a photocopy machine and make one. Back then they had scribes writing by hand all day to translate a copy of a book. At one time this library is said to have had a million scrolls. Maybe what I find so interesting about the library is I named my son after Alexander The Great (I thought his history was fascinating). But what I did not know until today was the character who may have inadvertently burnt the library down. And that my friends was Julias Caesar (who also had an intersting history).

What would we have found in writings on Aliens at that time? Or was there any mention about God? History is an amazing thing and I think it's a shame that many people want to change how we teach our kids actual History.

The Black Widow

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  1. What an interesting post. I love libraries and all they stand for. Interesting questions in your last paragraph. Many paintings from an earlier time depict possible visitors from other planets, or dimensions, which I find fascinating. I had no idea Julius Caesar may have been responsible. I like the way you revealed that. Also, have you seen the movie, "The Book of Eli" by any chance? I think you might find it very interesting...


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