Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hunting Made Fun

Today I want to talk about shunning. Or in my experience I call them Clicks. A long time ago now I graduated from college in Eau-Claire WI. That was an awesome city and I would live there again. But there was one town where I moved to that I will never forget and that town was in the Middle of Wisconsin. My wife and I tried to meet people but because we were not from their originally we were "not in the click". Don'g get me wrong I think Wisconsin is the greatest State on the planet but this one town was not.

When we did make friends they were jealous if we tried to make any new friends other than them. One couple we met were like woodticks, or as I called them "The Woodtick Couple".. They were after us every day to do something. One night Mrs Woodtick as I called her was calling us on the phone and we did not answer.....we had caller ID. The message was like this....." Hi I'ts Amy...I know your home I can see your lights on in the house"......How fuckin comical was that. We still laugh about it to this day. If I recall after about 4 years in that town we finally made a few good friends.

We then moved to another city in Southern WI and that was just as clicky as the one above. Finally when we were ready to buy a house we moved south of Madison to a town where many people had moved to from other cities. The "Imports" as I call them where a much larger group and much more friendly than the group of people who grew up in town.. In otherwords it was not a town all made up by people who grew up there. You could actually go to a bar and have a conversation with losts of people and have fun....

The point of the story is if you want friends it takes time I suppose. Don't waste a lot of time trying to infiltrate a group who may never let you in anyway. Or if they do be careful they might be a "woodtick couple" like above. Usually when you walk up and say hi to someone ya know right away if you can talk to them and or if you ever want to again.. If not don't waste your time. Life is too short anway.

The Black Widow

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sure I know your thinkin what the hell is this story about? Well lately Im all about cutting costs. In my personal life I drive a pontiac vibe. I'm getting 38 miles to the gallon driving to all my jobs. I haul a lot of stuff in there that should have killed the vehicle by now. In the winter I always carry my toolbox, shovels and jumper cables. I totally want a truck but economically I cannot pass up the mileage I'm getting now. Last night I stuffed a 200# snow blower in it/ took it to my house and did my yard in 1/2 hour...It was quick and cost effective. Sure I want more capacity but I dont want to pay more for it. I only really need a truck a few times a year.
Now....When i first saw the USS New York I was thinkin where are the guns? Then after reading more about it the government I believe is looking to replace like 40 of their ships with 20 of these. So that is a great cost reduction. But the cool thing about these is what you can haul in them. Like 800 troops (take them anywhere and fast) along with a bunch of tanks and 2 majorly big hovercrafts. I believe it also has a powerful gun on its deck and of course it's stealthy.
So in my warped mind I believe they are both great vehicles and are efficient at what they do. Finally after complaining about the govt they do have a good idea in this warship.
The Black Widow

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Daily Grind

Cute many people looking at my blog just hate going to work? I use to be that way till I got rid of my old boss then I realized I acutally kind of like my job. There are always people in your life that (when you wake up) you will dread seeing on a daily basis....So my thought for the day is dont wish your life away. Get a hobby and try and think of something fun each day. I know for me it's going home to my family and giving my dog a hard time. Or when I'm driving around I'm looking for the next photo I want to capture.
How many of you have pets? I think I have mentioned this but my dog is totally lazy. And if he had to work he would starve to death. I get up at 5:00 a.m. every day so I can feed my family and yes my "dog"...Its simply amazing to me that they do nothing and we can love them so much. They do indeed become a part of the family. Mine has to sit on the floor with the kids if we play a board game. He has to be there right with us. My wife gets mad at me because I give my dog a hard time. But you know when I get home he barks at me all the time and wants to play. He's looking for me to give him a hard time and if I dont he feels bad....
Pets are the coolest thing in the world. Regardless if your job sucks and your life sucks they are always your friend.
The Black Widow