Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Settlers Cabin

Take a good look a the cabin on the left. Maybe about the size of 12'x14" tops. A while ago now in Poyonette WI we visited a park there with a cabin similar to this. My sister met a granddaughter of a family that use to live in this style of cabin. That was pretty cool stuff to hear about a family who lived that long ago (a piece of history). The thing is the family had like 12 kids. Can you imagine having 12 people in this thing, eating, sleeping etc?
Think about how people had to work to survive back then. They had to work to make money and they had to work (cutting wood to heat their house). They had to work their ass off in the fields to make food and if they were not doing that they were probably mending clothes or something else in their day to day lives. No radio, no tv and certainly no coke or fast food.
Today if your clothes are worn you just go to a super store and buy new ones. No food in the fridge just head out to the grocery store (in your CAR).....Not miles away in your horse and buggy. Take a moment and think of the fear these people must have gone through,worrying about how to feed the kids or if one of them got sick. Or maybe being attacked by the native people at the time.
Now really is your day today going to be all that bad?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fox News Channel

As two nights ago I have completely boycotted CNN. For two nights now I have turned to Fox News and I actually saw some news. I did not see Tiger woods for 2 hours or I did not see Race issues for 5 hours. All I saw was some news........CNN is going to be like my cable company and that is their numbers are going to dwindle. Why is that? Because it is my belief they are trying to pit White Vrs. Black. Anyone that talks about their white history in the South (see my confederate flag post) is seen as a Racist.

Good Luck CNN and good luck to my cable company. Your both going to be in bankruptcy court in the next 3 years.

The Black Widow

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Cable Companies (A THING OF THE PAST)

A while ago now I told you how I was going to drop my Cable...My monthly bill was around $155.00 which was not terrible but as I get older I'm getting more into the principle of things. As an example my cable company was charging me $155.00 a month and new customers for the same package $85.00 per month. Now self...Self I says there's something wrong with that. I've paid my cable bill like Johnny on the spot and I'm gettin the shaft. Basically the only thing I have now is my phone and then TV through a Satelite.
Why? I would have dropped everything and went to a TV (Digital) however my twins just Love Sponge Bob. So I'm going to drag along a bit further and then kiss my cable company good by.
As it turns out according to a Yahoo article I've read some 800,000 other people on this planet are thinking the same way I am thinking. People want stuff right now and they don't want to pay for it.
We are all cutting costs and while the Cable companies are in the 100 millions of subcribers I see that number dwindling like Blockbuster. By next year I'm living off cell phones alone and will piggy back my internet through the phone. With my labptop I will be completely mobile and if I have to order a movie I'll do it right there and then. Or I can come home to my house and watch my free TV brought to you buy free digital......
My partents live on a farm in Northern WI and with the digitial TV they get 12 stations. Its only going to get better.
Good by Cable companies AND>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GOOD RIDDANCE
The Black Widow

Bully Boss & HR A waste of money for small companies

Seems as if as I get older I have less and less time or respect for people who bully other people. I"m the first one in there to say go fly a kite. For 4 years now I've worked for a smaller company in Wisconsin and I will say I've been bullied a bit myself. The above image is so like my old boss. He would say things like "you better fuckin make sure that happens"....or " Its your fucking Job on the line here"....He would try and do these things in a group session so as to "Try" and not single out one person.... As I've mentioned in an earlier story( see Eu Tu Brute/ This Boss Was Bad/ September) this would happen on a weekly basis.

Now the thing is the President of our company would not do anything about it nor would HR. They were both scared of the Vice President and to be honest the HR person was fearful of losing her job. So you see I think there are many smaller companies (1-6 Million in Sales) where the HR really does not exist. If they do they will not help the employees because they themselves are afraid of what might happen to them. Whats more in my 20 years of Manufacturing my honest opinion is HR adds no value to a company. They do nothing to save money, they do nothing to make you money. And when you come right down to it they don't' do anything for you....

The other day I took a photo on the floor of a friend. I emailed it to my computer and I got a call from the HR asking what the photo was for. To make a long story short she was now trying to make sure I was not harassing someone with my camera. Oh I said so now your afraid I'm harassing someone because I took a photo? And yet for 4 years you let some tyrant boss yell and intimidate people whenever he wanted?

Um Yea that did not work for me. So I brought in the President and I showed him her email to me. I then pointed out several instances where employees and me had been bullied and he had done nothing about it. Then I told him He's dam lucky I haven't hit him with a law suit as of yet. After that I told him I don't give a Fuck what his HR lady monitors on my computers or phones.

Now I know what your thinking that was not to smart of me. But sometimes and you have to know when.......When to push certain buttons and keep people thinking. And your right I had a 50/50 shot of getting fired that day myself. To be honest I don't care anymore. The only reason I had to watch my P's and Q's with the VP was he owned my house for a bit. Basically I used him as an investor to buy my house out of my bankruptcy. By the time I found out what he was really like it was too late. It's amazing what you can concentrate on and make happen to keep your kids in a house and fed. I'ts also amazing how you can make yourself get out of bed each day and deal with reality even when it sucks.

I'm just one guy in one State. Just think of how many people out there deal with worse than what I did.

The Moral of the story is treat people with respect. If you don't get respect back you probably dont want to know that person anyway.

The Black Widow

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Constitution of the United States

There are a few documents I've been meaning to read and one of them is the Constitution of the Untied States. Recently I've met a preacher who likes to try and turn religion into the Constituion and yada yada yada. So today I've read all 7 pages I found on line.

There are a few interstesting points though and if you get time pull up an electronic copy via the web. One question and I think its grey is can the President declare War?

Under Article 1 (section 8) congress can do the below (I've only enclosed a few).

**To borrow Money on credit of the United States:

**To regulate Commerce with foreign nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.

**To establish Post offices and pos Roads

**To constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme Court:

****To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water.

Now when we get to Article II (section 2) read this.

The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Milita of the several States, when called in the the actual Sevice of the United States. But knowhere in the 7 pages does it say he can start a war. I'm just reading ver batum.

Has the power to make treaties...etc...etc....yada yada......but wait.....here is my point....

First off I've gone through all 7 pages...Where does it say He....The President can declare WAR? Someone let me know I"m only asking the question. Im not taking sides here I understand he is the Commander in Chief. But....

Whats my point? First off I'm only asking the question where does it show me in the Constitution as to weather or not he can declare War? Again only a question?????

Second of all......dont let the press on the next election railroad you into electing a President. Go out and do what I'm doing. Find the paperwork and read it and become informed. Read different sides of the same issue.

Be Informed.........And for God's sake dont watch CNN......Boycot that channel.

The Black Widow

Monitbello High School Pulls American Flag

A few days ago I recieved an email from an old High School friend telling me that the kids in a California school (Montibello) pulled the American Flag off the pole. Hung a Mexican flag on top of it, turned the American flag upside down and raised that one underneath the Mexican one.
So I thought....NFW (No Fuckin Way) but sure as heck I went out on the internet and I found the story. When I was a kid we partied but we never disrespected the American Flag. To this day I take care of 3 flags for different buildings and I always make sure they don't touch anything, get dirty or ever hit the floor.
We have a few thousand Soldiers die now every year why? Because they are spending their life defending that flag you see above turned upside down.
I could say a lot of things right now so I wont....Woops....I lied......
First off this should be a huge fine and I think the kids should be expelled from School.
Oh: And dont listen if CNN puts this shit on TV and calls it Diversity. This my friends is peer and utter Bullshit.....PERIOD.
The Black Widow

Monday, April 12, 2010

Americas Past...."Let the Confederate Flag Fly" CNN PROMOTES BIGOTRY

Lets just take the Confederate flag and eliminate it from History??? Bullshit!!!!!
First off I am a Northern boy and grew up in Northern Wisconsin. I do not condone slavery nor do I condone sex trade slaves of women and children. I will tell you something else I don't condone either and that is people who say "Southern People" should not be allowed to Celebrate their history.
If you lived in a Southern States during the Civil War do you think you had many choices other than to go into the Army? How many thousands of Southern people died in the Civil war? I do not know but I'm going to go and look that up. This last weekend I saw a piece on CNN basically yelling at people for trying to "celebrate" their history.
When I say "celebrate" I mean the fact that their ancestors died in war...Can you not honor a family member that died in a war? Does it have to be geared toward RACE all the time? No but if you watch CNN that is all they do.
If it was up to CNN we should just eliminate the history of the South.
OH MY GOD THIS JUST IN.....We cant celebrate the 4th of JULY any more.. I just found out that a few hundred years ago the Northern States killed a whole bunch of Indians....we will now have to get rid of the United States of Americas flag and wipe out that flag as well.
CNN is so short on news they have to create it. Let the people of the South fly their flag in honor of those that died. That is part of the United States of America History.
The Black Widow

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Im Proud Of Our American Soldiers

Recently I started a new game on Face book where I turn myself into someone else for fun. When people see my name and another person they get a kick out of it. But then I got thinking about two brothers I know who are in the Military and someone I would be proud to turn myself into.

It amazes me today the people who have balls to go into the military and then when they get hurt how we treat them. So in other words if they get their leg blown off tuff shit...let them fend for themselves. Or if they are killed here is a flag in their honor.

How about instead when and if they get hurt EVERY THING is paid for.....Yes a severance package for life. We do that now for Illegal aliens and they are not even a Citizen of this Country. HOW about if they die EVERY THING IS PAID ...I MEAN everything.
I don't get it. We send these people off for our cause which to be honest right now I cant remember what the real cause is anymore.....And when they get hurt we let them fend for themselves. We pay for every thing in America for ILLEGAL ALIENS and our soldiers are left to squabble for scraps. That my friends is messed up.

There was this movie once called the Princess bride. In it there was this scene where this little guy was bossing around a Giant (who was 8 times larger than he) and he looks at the Giant and he says "Look the Cliffs of Insanity".

The next time you see this kind of insanity call or email your congressman...

The Black Widow