Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Settlers Cabin

Take a good look a the cabin on the left. Maybe about the size of 12'x14" tops. A while ago now in Poyonette WI we visited a park there with a cabin similar to this. My sister met a granddaughter of a family that use to live in this style of cabin. That was pretty cool stuff to hear about a family who lived that long ago (a piece of history). The thing is the family had like 12 kids. Can you imagine having 12 people in this thing, eating, sleeping etc?
Think about how people had to work to survive back then. They had to work to make money and they had to work (cutting wood to heat their house). They had to work their ass off in the fields to make food and if they were not doing that they were probably mending clothes or something else in their day to day lives. No radio, no tv and certainly no coke or fast food.
Today if your clothes are worn you just go to a super store and buy new ones. No food in the fridge just head out to the grocery store (in your CAR).....Not miles away in your horse and buggy. Take a moment and think of the fear these people must have gone through,worrying about how to feed the kids or if one of them got sick. Or maybe being attacked by the native people at the time.
Now really is your day today going to be all that bad?

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