Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Cable Companies (A THING OF THE PAST)

A while ago now I told you how I was going to drop my Cable...My monthly bill was around $155.00 which was not terrible but as I get older I'm getting more into the principle of things. As an example my cable company was charging me $155.00 a month and new customers for the same package $85.00 per month. Now self...Self I says there's something wrong with that. I've paid my cable bill like Johnny on the spot and I'm gettin the shaft. Basically the only thing I have now is my phone and then TV through a Satelite.
Why? I would have dropped everything and went to a TV (Digital) however my twins just Love Sponge Bob. So I'm going to drag along a bit further and then kiss my cable company good by.
As it turns out according to a Yahoo article I've read some 800,000 other people on this planet are thinking the same way I am thinking. People want stuff right now and they don't want to pay for it.
We are all cutting costs and while the Cable companies are in the 100 millions of subcribers I see that number dwindling like Blockbuster. By next year I'm living off cell phones alone and will piggy back my internet through the phone. With my labptop I will be completely mobile and if I have to order a movie I'll do it right there and then. Or I can come home to my house and watch my free TV brought to you buy free digital......
My partents live on a farm in Northern WI and with the digitial TV they get 12 stations. Its only going to get better.
Good by Cable companies AND>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GOOD RIDDANCE
The Black Widow

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