Monday, April 12, 2010

Americas Past...."Let the Confederate Flag Fly" CNN PROMOTES BIGOTRY

Lets just take the Confederate flag and eliminate it from History??? Bullshit!!!!!
First off I am a Northern boy and grew up in Northern Wisconsin. I do not condone slavery nor do I condone sex trade slaves of women and children. I will tell you something else I don't condone either and that is people who say "Southern People" should not be allowed to Celebrate their history.
If you lived in a Southern States during the Civil War do you think you had many choices other than to go into the Army? How many thousands of Southern people died in the Civil war? I do not know but I'm going to go and look that up. This last weekend I saw a piece on CNN basically yelling at people for trying to "celebrate" their history.
When I say "celebrate" I mean the fact that their ancestors died in war...Can you not honor a family member that died in a war? Does it have to be geared toward RACE all the time? No but if you watch CNN that is all they do.
If it was up to CNN we should just eliminate the history of the South.
OH MY GOD THIS JUST IN.....We cant celebrate the 4th of JULY any more.. I just found out that a few hundred years ago the Northern States killed a whole bunch of Indians....we will now have to get rid of the United States of Americas flag and wipe out that flag as well.
CNN is so short on news they have to create it. Let the people of the South fly their flag in honor of those that died. That is part of the United States of America History.
The Black Widow

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