Thursday, April 8, 2010

Im Proud Of Our American Soldiers

Recently I started a new game on Face book where I turn myself into someone else for fun. When people see my name and another person they get a kick out of it. But then I got thinking about two brothers I know who are in the Military and someone I would be proud to turn myself into.

It amazes me today the people who have balls to go into the military and then when they get hurt how we treat them. So in other words if they get their leg blown off tuff shit...let them fend for themselves. Or if they are killed here is a flag in their honor.

How about instead when and if they get hurt EVERY THING is paid for.....Yes a severance package for life. We do that now for Illegal aliens and they are not even a Citizen of this Country. HOW about if they die EVERY THING IS PAID ...I MEAN everything.
I don't get it. We send these people off for our cause which to be honest right now I cant remember what the real cause is anymore.....And when they get hurt we let them fend for themselves. We pay for every thing in America for ILLEGAL ALIENS and our soldiers are left to squabble for scraps. That my friends is messed up.

There was this movie once called the Princess bride. In it there was this scene where this little guy was bossing around a Giant (who was 8 times larger than he) and he looks at the Giant and he says "Look the Cliffs of Insanity".

The next time you see this kind of insanity call or email your congressman...

The Black Widow


  1. I agree. It's beyond despicable, the way we treat our veterans. It's been going on forever. Not anything new, by any means. It sickens me to think about. Not one single president, from either party, over all these years, has truly addressed this issue. Our congress, on both sides of the aisle, is a pathetic excuse for public service. The only thing they serve is power and greed. Man, you hit a nerve with me... but, thanks for a good, thoughtful post.

  2. You hit one of my Hot Buttons! And I couldn't agree more with what you blogged. Remember, my guy's retired USMC. (And you're stll not showing up on my blogroll!) Semper fi!


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