Thursday, October 28, 2010


Recently I saw a video of a woman walking down a street with a cell phone while horse and buggies drove by. Now a very cool video but I don't believe everything I see. However one thing I do believe in is Evolution. And another thing I believe in is the fact that our planet is only one of billions out there and is not the oldest either. So what fascinates me is the fact that other planets could have created beings that are much older than we are and might be very similar.

Roughly speaking our Universe is like 13.7 Billion years old. And the Earth is like 4.5 Billion years old. Where I'm going with my concept today is that there are other planets out there that could be 8 Billion years old. So I'm no scientist but the idea is lets just say there are beings that are double our age. If these beings are older and smarter than we are the concept of Time Travel is probably not new to them.

So lets just think about this today as your worried about meeting a deadline. What if tomorrow the headlines read "Alien Life form teleports into TV studio" Like it just shows up at a TV station and proves my theory. Would you not shit your pants like I would? I would be like "Holy Crap"......I know a guy right now who is a scientist and is all cut and dry. He says "because of Einsteins Theory" and because of the amount of fuel needed to travel (ships would be to heavy and yada yada yada.....)....What if you don't need a space ship?

Its like talking to my 7 year old. I know much more because I'm more than double his age. But he is very good at concepts just has not figured as much as I have at this point......It would be the same thing with us vrs other species who could possibly be out there.

Maybe I'm wack. But when you work a lot of hours and drive back and forth to work what is more fun than looking for Bigfoot or Aliens or Dog Man? Sometimes you have to create your own fun in life out of nothing. Keep an open mind and don't be surprised in another 20 years if we don't know a mess load more about this subject.

Hope you all have a great weekend I will be back next week.

The Black Widow

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Elliot Spitzer Reviews (The Toronto Sun ) The Jitzu Move

OK I'm sorry I cant stop....It's just insane that we are suppose to put Elliot Spitzer on a pedestal now....I know this is the second post I have had on him but its really not Mr Spitzer I'm after. I'm totally sold down the river that CNN will create news out of nothing and make people think anyone is a saint.... And or they will make people think what they want them to think. And right now they want you to think that Elliot Spitzer is a family man and knows a ton on Economics and more...Maybe he does know some things but we the public are not listening...

You remember in Star Wars how the Jedi will walk up to someone and wave their hands in front of a person and then say "you will do as I say"????? and then the person had a dumb look on his face and said yes I will do as you say? That is what CNN is trying to do right now. They are taking someone who we really don't care to listen to and their throwing him into the limelight and saying (You /the ignorant people of the world .......should This Man.....)
... I mean let's all be honest right now...The first thing I thought of when I saw his co host is I bet he was wondering if he could sleep with her? And I was also guessing that she was or is not happy with the fact that she is working with him....Come on you know he is undressing her with his eyes....
Right now an easier thing for CNN to persuade the American people about is (John Edwards did not sleep with his lover)...I'd buy that one faster than what they are trying to gag me with right now......on anything Spitzer says.
Here's the deal...I bet a friend of mine that I blog with this show has 3 the link below and let the sun times show you the stats on the show......

Whats next from CNN???? Governor Blagojevich Stock Reviews?????......This is so becoming a joke. I'ts like a freight train wreck...I can't stop watching it and the more I watch it the more it bugs me that they are trying to shove this guy down our throat...

The Black Widow

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rick Sanchez (Fired?)

Rick Sanchez fired? First off I will admit that I don't like to see anyone get fired from their job. However I personally did not like Ricks show on CNN. Why? He seemed to come across as so DIVERSE......he preached it......In his stories....And in his tones.....He was a good reporter I just personally did not like his personality.

And so what does he do? Yes he calls John Stewart a bigot? You know these movie stars and politicians are just people like you and me. They all make mistakes and nobody is perfect.

However I cant get off this kick about CNN and how goodie/ goodie they try to be. And now not only do they have Elliot Spitzer who was in trouble with the law they have someone who was obviously against a minority.. In my opinion you have to look at the core of CNN and see who is doing the hiring.

God forbid if we find out Wolf Blitzer wears a snap on tie......

Remember people don't be so quick to judge a book by the cover....Don't be so quick to trust anything you hear from any one reporter (get the story from more than one view point)....And most certainly get the story from more than one resource. I'm sure you will find that when you watch the same story on more than one channel you'll get a better perspective. Life is not all cut and dry and neither is the news.

The Black Widow

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Pot Calling The Kettle Black (CNN & Elliot Spitzer)

Wait....!!!!! S. T. O. P.....!!!!! I'm not slamming Elliot Spitzer today....I'm taking a stab at CNN.....Yes I believe people need second chance and with that congratulations to Elliot on his new job with CNN?
Yes you heard it he has a new show on at 8:00 PM. on CNN.
Remember when the scandal first broke in New York? It was alleged that Elliot spent a pultry 80K on prostitutes? CNN literally had this guy on for 24 hours a day (I'm' exadurating a bit..) but my point is they were slamming him to no end.
Now a couple of years later he is working for them ??????? Im confused on a several things.....
#1 I'm sure Elliot has to buck up and take care of his family but that has to be hard to work for CNN.
#2 How does CNN even think about hiring him after they slam him for weeks about the scandal?
#3 Is CNN so Righteous as they proclaim? I mean after all to me and I'm sure many people out there in the U.S. this is a grey area. (Remember when CNN slammed some people from the South for trying to celebrate their history/ made them look silly on the air and tried to make it look like they did not like African Americans) but apparently its ok to hire people who sleep with Prostitutes....
#4...But above all I can't figure out why Fox is not mentioning this more on their brodcasts...I've been busy lately have any of you been up to speed on this subject?
This whole thing is kind of like "the pot calling the kettle black".
The Black Widow