Thursday, October 28, 2010


Recently I saw a video of a woman walking down a street with a cell phone while horse and buggies drove by. Now a very cool video but I don't believe everything I see. However one thing I do believe in is Evolution. And another thing I believe in is the fact that our planet is only one of billions out there and is not the oldest either. So what fascinates me is the fact that other planets could have created beings that are much older than we are and might be very similar.

Roughly speaking our Universe is like 13.7 Billion years old. And the Earth is like 4.5 Billion years old. Where I'm going with my concept today is that there are other planets out there that could be 8 Billion years old. So I'm no scientist but the idea is lets just say there are beings that are double our age. If these beings are older and smarter than we are the concept of Time Travel is probably not new to them.

So lets just think about this today as your worried about meeting a deadline. What if tomorrow the headlines read "Alien Life form teleports into TV studio" Like it just shows up at a TV station and proves my theory. Would you not shit your pants like I would? I would be like "Holy Crap"......I know a guy right now who is a scientist and is all cut and dry. He says "because of Einsteins Theory" and because of the amount of fuel needed to travel (ships would be to heavy and yada yada yada.....)....What if you don't need a space ship?

Its like talking to my 7 year old. I know much more because I'm more than double his age. But he is very good at concepts just has not figured as much as I have at this point......It would be the same thing with us vrs other species who could possibly be out there.

Maybe I'm wack. But when you work a lot of hours and drive back and forth to work what is more fun than looking for Bigfoot or Aliens or Dog Man? Sometimes you have to create your own fun in life out of nothing. Keep an open mind and don't be surprised in another 20 years if we don't know a mess load more about this subject.

Hope you all have a great weekend I will be back next week.

The Black Widow

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  1. I love looking at all the possibilities, too, and there are many that seem very probable. It's a fascinating universe and full of life at various levels, I'm certain. I feel we're part of the same family... interesting.


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