Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Pot Calling The Kettle Black (CNN & Elliot Spitzer)

Wait....!!!!! S. T. O. P.....!!!!! I'm not slamming Elliot Spitzer today....I'm taking a stab at CNN.....Yes I believe people need second chance and with that congratulations to Elliot on his new job with CNN?
Yes you heard it he has a new show on at 8:00 PM. on CNN.
Remember when the scandal first broke in New York? It was alleged that Elliot spent a pultry 80K on prostitutes? CNN literally had this guy on for 24 hours a day (I'm' exadurating a bit..) but my point is they were slamming him to no end.
Now a couple of years later he is working for them ??????? Im confused on a several things.....
#1 I'm sure Elliot has to buck up and take care of his family but that has to be hard to work for CNN.
#2 How does CNN even think about hiring him after they slam him for weeks about the scandal?
#3 Is CNN so Righteous as they proclaim? I mean after all to me and I'm sure many people out there in the U.S. this is a grey area. (Remember when CNN slammed some people from the South for trying to celebrate their history/ made them look silly on the air and tried to make it look like they did not like African Americans) but apparently its ok to hire people who sleep with Prostitutes....
#4...But above all I can't figure out why Fox is not mentioning this more on their brodcasts...I've been busy lately have any of you been up to speed on this subject?
This whole thing is kind of like "the pot calling the kettle black".
The Black Widow


  1. Just because I'm a Christian doesn't keep me from being WHITE and proud of it...CNN or whatever. And yes...you'd think Fox would pick up on this.

  2. Elliott threw the meat to the public by being a goofball.

    Then he threw the meat to the hooker (yes, she was hot)

    Now he is throwing the meat to the public again by being a commentator on the Communist News Network... So in short, I agree with you BW.


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