Monday, October 11, 2010

Rick Sanchez (Fired?)

Rick Sanchez fired? First off I will admit that I don't like to see anyone get fired from their job. However I personally did not like Ricks show on CNN. Why? He seemed to come across as so DIVERSE......he preached it......In his stories....And in his tones.....He was a good reporter I just personally did not like his personality.

And so what does he do? Yes he calls John Stewart a bigot? You know these movie stars and politicians are just people like you and me. They all make mistakes and nobody is perfect.

However I cant get off this kick about CNN and how goodie/ goodie they try to be. And now not only do they have Elliot Spitzer who was in trouble with the law they have someone who was obviously against a minority.. In my opinion you have to look at the core of CNN and see who is doing the hiring.

God forbid if we find out Wolf Blitzer wears a snap on tie......

Remember people don't be so quick to judge a book by the cover....Don't be so quick to trust anything you hear from any one reporter (get the story from more than one view point)....And most certainly get the story from more than one resource. I'm sure you will find that when you watch the same story on more than one channel you'll get a better perspective. Life is not all cut and dry and neither is the news.

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  1. I've just about give up on watching any news till we rid congress of its incumbants.


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