Thursday, September 30, 2010

My First Truck

Wow I have been busy.....Sorry friends I have not been around lately....In todays economy you have to keep re inventing your self....Very recently I just unloaded 6K dollars in debt by selling one of my cars. Two car payments is too many for one house hold...But the best thing I have going lately is I'm a Northern Boy and I finally get my first truck..Men like trucks not little sissy cars like I was driving....Sure I will no longer get 35Mpg but now when I want to haul something I can throw it in my new (used truck) of which I will not owe a penny on...

I think it's like buying a boat. This is not the best truck in the world but now after using it for a year I will know what I like and dont' like about it. I'm sure I wont like the fuel mileage already but I'm planning accordinly on my budget.
Is there anyone out there in the planet who is a truck lover like me? Girls love countertops/shopping and girly stuff....I love TRUCKS.....


  1. It's a truck and it's a Chevy! Awesomeness right there!

  2. I prefer trucks to counter tops and shopping. That is one great-looking shiny red truck. I actually blogged about an older red truck I saw about a year ago. I coveted it. :)


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