Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Cents of Humor

Love the little guy with the gun...I say we train animals to join the army..Kind of like little go bots or something. Anyway today I want to talk about my since of humor and what you get for being my friend. Some good some not so good.
As an example back in high school my best friend would come over. At the time I had an Australian healer (the best cow dog on the planet). He loved to bite cows or people. My friend would come to the door and i would say to Otis (my dog) ssssss........his ears would pop up and he would come up behind my buddy and nip the back of his this day my buddy and I still laugh about this...Oh by the way...s.sssss to Otis mean sick him or bite him.....
Or there have been many times where I call up a cousin and pretend I'm one of my brothers. Not only do I call my cousins but many times I will call them collect. And as the operator is talking I will yell "I'm stranded".....My cousins are suckers and will always pick up the phone....I know what your thinking " never cry wolf to much right?"...
My latest thing now (forgive me girls) is I play "who's hot at the gas station" I'm getting gas I look to see who is hot and who is not. For gods sake don't yell at me I think they actually made a show off of this kind of concept. The thing is sometimes I see ugly people and that is not good for the game. Its very shallow/ I know and I'm sure I will go to hell for playing the game....
One time I was driving through Eau_Claire WI and I spotted "Coffee Guy" after 20 some years there he was.....Back in School I would wait on tables or cook and we had this guy come in and all he would do is order coffee and eat mints. He would sit with his friend for hours during a buffet and just talk. One day a friend of mine asked "who is that guy?"....And I just simply said that is "Coffee Guy" ....the name stuck to this day.
The point of the story is sometimes life sucks. And there are many people out there I'm sure with more of a twisted since of humor than mine. But if you don't' have a since of humor how do you get through life? I suppose people without one go off sometimes (rob stores or shoot people)...If you don't have a since or sense of humor.....I suggest you go out and get one over this holiday....
The Black Widow

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  1. I can't imagine life without a sense of humor. Mine can be a bit twisted, too. It's okay. No one got hurt during the filming of this movie. :) It's good to admit to our own little humorous foibles. Thanks for sharing some of your own. It helps us, your friends, get a more complete picture of who you are as we read your blog.


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