Monday, September 13, 2010


Recently we went fishing for salmon on Lake Michigan again. This was our second year and let me tell ya that lake scares the shit out of me. I'm a northern boy and use to fishing on rivers and lakes (about 8 miles in dia.)....But on Michigan you can be out 20 miles and not even see land.

Last year while drinking my second bacardi and coke I noticed the captain had a black box in the cabin. Um yea, translation this boat can sink....So the waves can get pretty high and I thought this year would be smooth because it was a sunny day. ..Wrong...need to look at the wind not the sun....Waves were at least 5' high....I started drinking some brews about 8:00 and they did not go down so good. When you get up at 3am to go fishing you have to have something in your stomach before you drink (note to self)...more waves....and more waves....they just keep coming....

So next year might be our 3rd year at this. Number one Im going to eat a goat before I go. Number two if I drink in the morning Im having bacardi and coke/not beer. And number 3 if there is so much as 1 wave 1'foot not going fishing and will call it quits before I even get on that boat.........

The Black Widow

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  1. So um did you catch anything?

    Yeah I don't do waves either. Here in CO it can get pretty windy. You try to stay off the boats at a time like that.


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