Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Staw That Broke The Camels Back

For the last 20 years I have been in manufacturing in one way or the other. Started out running CMM's (cordinate measuring machines) then went to Purchasing and then to Quality. For the last 5 years now I have worked for a company who seems to want to screw me at every chance they get.

About 2 years ago now I was told I had to take a 13% pay cut as did all the other salary people. Also the line workers had to take a cut in the amount of hours they were working. As time went by I forgot about the second one. This morning somehow it came up (I was talking to an hourly person) and she said she never took a paycut nor had she ever had a cut in pay.

Now we use to have a VP who was my boss but we got rid of him and he was pulling in about $1700 per week. We also had a buyer who we got rid of and he was pulling in about 1000 per week. And his inventory was twice mine . I guess my point is Im doing two jobs/Quality and Purchasing as are a lot of people out there in the US. However what makes me upset is I was lied to in the fact that (NOT EVERYONE REALLY TOOK A PAYCUT).

So if we look at the math over the course of the last 2 years Im out 20k and my fellow employee was out nothing. Also several months ago as I've mentioned before my boss now has a brand new beamer (I know where my 13% went)....What I really need to do now is get off my ass and get a new job. I have grown comfortable with my job (or coasting as I call it) but now I guess the straw has broken the camels back.

One time for this company I moved a line of products which required me to look at blueprints and dimensionalize all the parts (thousands of dimensions). The program is worth about 2 million dollars and to move that to another supplier we got a 100K cost savings. Of course I saw none of that but I did have a job.

Are there other people like me who are employed but feel like "The Man" is still sticking it to them? Or am I the only one?

The Black Widow

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  1. I think it's a concern for many people. The ethics of business practices have been sadly lacking. Keep your thought open and listen to that little voice that gives us direction. You'll find another place, a right place, or this one will become more aware of your contributions and compensate you for it.

    It must be hard, to feel under-appreciated, knowing you're giving so much of yourself. Hang in there!


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