Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Work Ethics Of Today

About 3 years ago now I've noticed a change with the kids coming into our company to apply. Most of them don't have a drivers licence and or already have some type of record with the police. It simply amazes me that they expect to get a J O B but don't have a license to get to work.

When I was going to school I had to work full time on top of that. Now all I hear is "man I better get a raise or I'm out of here".... Some of my poorest times were my college years. I worked as a bus boy making $3.00 an hour cleaning tables while going to school. At that time I smoked like a trooper so most of my tips went for cigs. That is one thing I remember about school "scrounging for cig money"

When I was going to school lot's of my freinds thought they were going to make about 60K a year coming out of college (hell even I thought that...). Those day's are gone my friends along with many high paying jobs for college grads.....
To get into my field I was stuck making $8.00 an hour. Right now I have two nieces trying to get into teaching. That market is hard to penetrate and they are working as aids and getting paid very little. However unlike the kids that work for my company I hear "no' complaints from my nieces "at least they are trying"....

I guess the point of today's story is it seems like you have to try. And many people today just gave up on that concept. There are jobs out there but people are not taking them because if they do they can't make a house payment. For the last 5 years now I have held down a full time job and a part time job. So I say to those people "it can be done"....I've done it....you don't need to make 800K a year to keep your house. Find a 40K dollar a year job and a part time job...It's feasible. I lost everything/ my house/my cars even my dog was pissed at me. But 5 years later I still have my home. And If I can do it....You can do it...Get your work ethic going, get up every day and go do "some type of work". If you don't do that you will fall into a rut and never get out of it. And above all have a little faith.....
The Black Widow


  1. My children roll their eyes when I discuss this, but when I was a kid (for about two years) we cooked on a coal stove, bathed in a washtub, cr@ped in an outhouse and through most of my school years I walked a mile each way in mud/snow/and occasionally good weather.

    I just paid the rent and bills for one of my married children for the fourth month running. They're able bodied - but there is a 1.5 year old baby involved and I don't want HER to go homeless. So I'm being held hostage more or less by a baby. It's not all about the money, though. Eventually I'll move the daughter and child back into my house. The husband is not welcome to live with me, so who knows what that will lead to.

    BUT it all comes down to work ethic or lack of same.

  2. What you say about most of the kids today is true. Too many government entitlements and the good ole US of A is used to them...give me something for absolutely nothing is in vogue.


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