Wednesday, November 24, 2010


As I leave your for the holidays I had Star Trek on my mind. For a couple of reasons this show made history. First thing I cannot forget is when Captain Kirk fought the alien....remember the music.....(da da da DA DA DA DA.....da da da DAA DAAA DDAAA DAAA).....Back when I was a kid I thought this show was totally high tech. Now I look back and watch those shows and I laugh my ass off.
The thing is I think the show was ahead of its time. In order to go to the moon Apollo was not the first prototype / Gemini (I think was)....My point being all cool concepts must start from somewhere. You have to test a concept before you can get it to the moon. And for today all cool space movies I think would not be here without STAR TREK.
Without this show we would have no "Aliens".....we would not have "Predators".....or another all time favorite of mine......"Star Wars".... Hell even Battle Star Galactica.
So I'm heading up north this weekend to relax. I have two goals in that timeframe and that is to see some Star Trek and James Bond.....Eat, shut the phone off and kiss reality good bye for a bit...
Trek on my fellow space junkies....and have a great holiday.

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