Thursday, December 2, 2010


As many of you know I have been working in manufacturing now for some sixteen years. The last 5 have been for a small business in Southern WI. Before that I worked for big corporations for about 15 years in Quality, Sales, and Purchasing. The company I work for now has gotten a bit better since we got rid of our head Sales person and the VP. However our old motto to get business was to lie first and make up shit later to cover that lie (And Better Be FUCKIN Quick About it). That is exactly how my old VP would talk to me.

A few years ago we were trying to get some business from a new Customer. And the VP and the Sales guy thought it would be a good idea to lie to these people and say we had a whole bunch of processes and procedures that were not even developed or tested yet.
So we go to this meeting and this QC guy with 25 years of experience looks at me and says Black Widow do you have these Quality procedures in place. And I looked at him and in a second I said NO. See if you say yes then they want to see the procedures faxed to them the moment you get back to your office. And my dumb ass Sales guy and old VP just were not thinking this way. But having been in several departments I have learned not to say you have something you simply just don't have.
So after all the worry by the VP this guy gives us 30 days to complete the task. On the car ride home I was ridiculed because the Sales guy said I made him look like a dumb ass. I said well in another 30 days you will have what you said you had. And I said you should not have lied to him in the first place. The VP was fuming at me but never said a word. Quite frankly I saved both of their asses.
In today's world don't' be convinced by Smoke and Mirrors as I call it. If you serious about doing business with someone look at their track record and procedures. Look at the day to day operations...Don't take their word "ver batum".....And above all dont' tell a Customer you're something your are not.
The Black Widow

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  1. I found your blog through Gorges Grouse so here is a bit of a late comment on your post.
    I'm a farmer.
    I've had to bid against other farmers to get straw to bale. I have refused to lie, as in, promise the farmer more money for the straw than what I intend to give him. As a result I am reduced to two sources of straw. But, I find it better to do business with people I can trust.
    I have resigned myself to the fact that I will soon be out of the straw baling business, but I guess you do what you have to do in life...


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