Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Probabilities Of The Economy

One thing I love about my blog is I pick random subjects (of which many I know nothing about) and then share my thoughts with you. Why? Because your still reading my blog.

Today's subject has been on my mind now for two weeks or so.

The Subject: Probabilities. So let's look at this for a moment shall we?

Pick any subject that you can think about and "It's" probably gunna happen. Many people can pick a subject and then figure out a ratio (or true odds of something that might or might not happen) kind of like a Vegas card player...

It's really not that hard ......look.

Will the Economy be fixed by President OBAMA and his organization......?"Probably NOT"....

Will the House and Senate come together and help the OBAMA administration develop a plan for new jobs? "Probably NOT".....

Will large Corporations continue to outscource American jobs to other Countries? "Probably"....

Will this Administration continue to find ways to bail out banks that should go under? "Probably".

Will America continue to dump billions of dollars into Afghanistan and get nothing to show for it in return? Probably......

So you see I don't know shit about Probabilities as far as numbers go. But I do know that when you look at the way the Administration is running things now "you and me" "The Little Guys" are gunna get screwed.

And "That" is all you need to know about Probabilities.....Pick something that you want to happen and it wont...Pick something you don't want to happen and it will.....

The Black Widow

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  1. I think that we're going to have a rough few years ahead. Even if Obama had the will to do something to genuinely improve the economic situation - and I doubt he does - the nation has to tighten its belt and nobody likes to do that.


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