Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"The Old Yellow House"

Very recently I was talking to a friend about old houses. Sometimes I blog about things and I will have no idea why....However when I see an old building or a Country house it takes me back to a time when I grew up specifically.

There is one house in particular we called it "The Old Yellow House".....It is located in Lublin Wisconsin way out in the boon docks. To this day I still find myself wanting to go get a picture of that house. We use to rent "The Old Yellow House" when I was very small and I never forgot it even though I was 4 years old.

I have memories of my brothers locking me in the car because I use to nag them a lot. One year for Christmas my brothers got GI Joes and I got a Milk Truck. How comical it was now thinking back on it. The funny thing is they do not have their GI Joes anymore but I still have that dam milk truck at my parents. I can still remember how my mom put up the christmas tree in the same corner of the house every year. Or I can remember snowmobiling with our neighbor Loyd.

Many years later we started a new thing where we would take a trip to this house while taking a break from deer hunting..... It has now become a creepy place with the trees over grown and the basement is full of water. No longer can anyone walk into the house for fear of falling through the rotted floor.

So you see it's really not an old house or an old farm your looking at it's like your past. Somewhere I think in our brains we store memories and obviously when we see certain things it brings those memories back up.

For me the things that make my memories click are old buildings/ farm houses or woods.One thing is for sure for better or for worse I will never forget "The Old Yellow House".

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