Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monitbello High School Pulls American Flag

A few days ago I recieved an email from an old High School friend telling me that the kids in a California school (Montibello) pulled the American Flag off the pole. Hung a Mexican flag on top of it, turned the American flag upside down and raised that one underneath the Mexican one.
So I thought....NFW (No Fuckin Way) but sure as heck I went out on the internet and I found the story. When I was a kid we partied but we never disrespected the American Flag. To this day I take care of 3 flags for different buildings and I always make sure they don't touch anything, get dirty or ever hit the floor.
We have a few thousand Soldiers die now every year why? Because they are spending their life defending that flag you see above turned upside down.
I could say a lot of things right now so I wont....Woops....I lied......
First off this should be a huge fine and I think the kids should be expelled from School.
Oh: And dont listen if CNN puts this shit on TV and calls it Diversity. This my friends is peer and utter Bullshit.....PERIOD.
The Black Widow


  1. I'm sorry for posting a comment several months after you wrote this blog entry, but I just had to comment on this.
    (I found the blog on Google btw).

    America is a free country (where the citizens have the right to express their opinions) so wouldn't it be anti-American to expel the students who did this?

  2. Dear Anonymous. You are correct in the fact that if the kids are a U.S. Citizen then they do have freedom of speech. However as we know there are many kids in this Country who are not citizens and (we the tax payers) are paying for them. Why should I have to listen to this if they are not a U.S. Citizen? Thank you for your comment though....


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