Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sure I know your thinkin what the hell is this story about? Well lately Im all about cutting costs. In my personal life I drive a pontiac vibe. I'm getting 38 miles to the gallon driving to all my jobs. I haul a lot of stuff in there that should have killed the vehicle by now. In the winter I always carry my toolbox, shovels and jumper cables. I totally want a truck but economically I cannot pass up the mileage I'm getting now. Last night I stuffed a 200# snow blower in it/ took it to my house and did my yard in 1/2 hour...It was quick and cost effective. Sure I want more capacity but I dont want to pay more for it. I only really need a truck a few times a year.
Now....When i first saw the USS New York I was thinkin where are the guns? Then after reading more about it the government I believe is looking to replace like 40 of their ships with 20 of these. So that is a great cost reduction. But the cool thing about these is what you can haul in them. Like 800 troops (take them anywhere and fast) along with a bunch of tanks and 2 majorly big hovercrafts. I believe it also has a powerful gun on its deck and of course it's stealthy.
So in my warped mind I believe they are both great vehicles and are efficient at what they do. Finally after complaining about the govt they do have a good idea in this warship.
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