Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hunting Made Fun

Today I want to talk about shunning. Or in my experience I call them Clicks. A long time ago now I graduated from college in Eau-Claire WI. That was an awesome city and I would live there again. But there was one town where I moved to that I will never forget and that town was in the Middle of Wisconsin. My wife and I tried to meet people but because we were not from their originally we were "not in the click". Don'g get me wrong I think Wisconsin is the greatest State on the planet but this one town was not.

When we did make friends they were jealous if we tried to make any new friends other than them. One couple we met were like woodticks, or as I called them "The Woodtick Couple".. They were after us every day to do something. One night Mrs Woodtick as I called her was calling us on the phone and we did not answer.....we had caller ID. The message was like this....." Hi I'ts Amy...I know your home I can see your lights on in the house"......How fuckin comical was that. We still laugh about it to this day. If I recall after about 4 years in that town we finally made a few good friends.

We then moved to another city in Southern WI and that was just as clicky as the one above. Finally when we were ready to buy a house we moved south of Madison to a town where many people had moved to from other cities. The "Imports" as I call them where a much larger group and much more friendly than the group of people who grew up in town.. In otherwords it was not a town all made up by people who grew up there. You could actually go to a bar and have a conversation with losts of people and have fun....

The point of the story is if you want friends it takes time I suppose. Don't waste a lot of time trying to infiltrate a group who may never let you in anyway. Or if they do be careful they might be a "woodtick couple" like above. Usually when you walk up and say hi to someone ya know right away if you can talk to them and or if you ever want to again.. If not don't waste your time. Life is too short anway.

The Black Widow

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