Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Daily Grind

Cute photo.....how many people looking at my blog just hate going to work? I use to be that way till I got rid of my old boss then I realized I acutally kind of like my job. There are always people in your life that (when you wake up) you will dread seeing on a daily basis....So my thought for the day is dont wish your life away. Get a hobby and try and think of something fun each day. I know for me it's going home to my family and giving my dog a hard time. Or when I'm driving around I'm looking for the next photo I want to capture.
How many of you have pets? I think I have mentioned this but my dog is totally lazy. And if he had to work he would starve to death. I get up at 5:00 a.m. every day so I can feed my family and yes my "dog"...Its simply amazing to me that they do nothing and we can love them so much. They do indeed become a part of the family. Mine has to sit on the floor with the kids if we play a board game. He has to be there right with us. My wife gets mad at me because I give my dog a hard time. But you know when I get home he barks at me all the time and wants to play. He's looking for me to give him a hard time and if I dont he feels bad....
Pets are the coolest thing in the world. Regardless if your job sucks and your life sucks they are always your friend.
The Black Widow

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  1. God has greatly gifted you
    I enjoyed visiting your blog
    God Bless


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