Friday, January 15, 2010


Today I was thinking about where I came from. A while back my aunt did some research on our family background and turns out some of my ancestors came over on the Mayflower. Go figure, from the sounds of it we were a bunch of crooks....
The point of this story though is I'm totally fascinated with the settling of this country. First off there are Indians and not much food but also had to travel thousands of miles in a boat. Think about taking a camping trip and your stuck in a 20' camper for like 3 months. Um yea I would think that you could get a little sick?
When they came here there was probably not much food and I'm sure they had to do tons of hunting. I get sick of taking a lunch every day but at least I dont have to go out and shoot it first. Also if I want a mountain dew I can go drop some cash and get it ...I dont have to search hundreds of miles for water.
I think people forget about where we came from. I know times are tough today but think about what these people had to go through...>no banks? No Mcdonalds? no convenient automobiles? How about having no car and you have to walk everywhere you go...>NO thank you....
I will take today over the past any day....
The Black Widow

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