Saturday, January 9, 2010


Remember that movie "The Shining"?????

It was that move where they went way out in the wilderness to this hotel to take care of it. I take care of 3 properties now (on top of my full time job) and the newest one is in Southern WI....I don't know how to explain it but when I come over the hill and see the town below, I get this EERIE feeling....The town is very old (1800's) time frame and has lots of old buildings...It's just strange and I think the people in it are strange..

Have you ever had that feeling when you went somewhere? Like you don't or wouldn't trust anyone in the town? I've had that feeling in the woods as I have discussed in one of my earlier stories but I also get that feeling of "no trust" when I have visited certain cities in the U.S.

What is that? Is there a 6th sense we just don't know about? Is there something that happened in that town years ago that you can pick up on? I know I have written about dog man before and I think there are things in your brain that you pick up on and ya just can't explain it.. If your out there and you can explain it to me let me know.

At any rate when I take over a new building it has takes time to get use to the people (some are very unclean and just strange)....

I love my job....

The Black Widow

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  1. Am happy I stumbled into your blog. Read the previous post about cutting back to pay off a bill, and that does NOT make you a conservative, just cleverer! And, yes, I know what you mean about some cities, buildings, etc....some homes are too sad for words, some offices are creepy and some towns just say Get Out. It's just an icky feeling. Thanks for a super read!


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