Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Don't get me wrong I'm a firm believer for an eye for an eye...However recently I have been asking myself questions....Why? Why are we in Iraq.....Why are we in Afghanistan.????Why???? I get the point that maybe if we don't kill people over there that yes they will come over here and kill us. However I sit and look at the cost of moving people to other countries and I have to tell you this is getting CRAZY....
First off as you know I have two jobs and I drive a vibe. I put on a couple hundred miles each week and go through about $60.00 a week in gas.. Now lets see that's me (um yea one person ) and x 4 weeks that's $240 dollars. Now how many miles to the gallon do you think a tank gets? How many tanks do we have over seas? How many people do we have to feed in a day? Is it free to feed our people? How much does it cost someone to fly over seas to war...Is that free? Do we get a return on investment on this stuff?
Here is my question. So we have all these places that terrorists can fly into and yes now they are starting to blow up planes which I'm sure they will never stop doing. However what about beefing up security at airports/borders? How about throwing money into new ideas on how to fight terrorism at a border....Why cant we come up with some new ideas besides just going to war....
I don't want to get blown up...I don't want anyone to get blown up. But I am now afraid we have lost track of what we are trying to accomplish in Afghanistan and to me it's opportunity cost.
We are throwing a lot of money in ....And there will be no money coming back out... It's like every time I put on the news I see my kids "Standard Of Living"....Just going by the wayside...
The Black Widow.

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