Thursday, December 10, 2009

OWEN-WITHEE (The Twin Cities of Wisconsin)

I dont know if I ever mentioned it or not but I grew up in a city called Owen Wisconsin. Now Owen (population 1098) was next to a city called (Withee/ population roughly 300 people). So later on I started calling it the "Twin Cities of Wisconsin"...Growing up there was (if I may say so) AWESOME. Sure there were lots of things I did not like (like going to church/ or getting up for school/ you know the usual things kids hate doing)....
To this day I still stay in touch with many of my classmates. The class I had back then pretty much looked out for one another. The parents always looked out for the kids and it was a very safe community. But the one thing that we all remember about the place was OW Sports and Liquor. The lady that ran that place worked 7 days a week and to this day is still working to please her Customers. She has minnows/tackle/bait/ booze/gas and the heart of an angel. And hunters if your ever in the area stop by and see her she has tons of hunting apparel. She is a huge part of the community and when people go back to town they always stop by and see Jackie.
Or there was the Root Beer Stand. Sure the place was small and not really a big restaurant but dam they made good Root Beer.....I cant find anything like that now down in Madison.
Then there was Berry and Gerrie's....I don't think it is open anymore but Berry made the best burgers in Wisconsin. I know he is still alive but got out of the bar business....It was the best bar ever...
In the last twenty years I have worked for Corporations and I have flown all over the United States and I guess had to grow up a little. It's fun to travel for the first several hours but after that it's a drag. I don't' know why but I think I'm finally realizing that I had it good as a kid and I miss going up North to Owen. When you get older and get a family you can't always do what you want. The good news for me is my parents still live up that way and maybe in the next 10 years now that my kids are older I can get up there more often.
The world has changed a lot in my 42 years. One thing that has not changed is I think that Owen-Withee is still the best city on the planet.
The Black Widow

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