Thursday, December 3, 2009


Take a deep breadth and look at this photo. Sometimes we forget that if we died tomorrow the world will still keep spinning. Time passes you buy so fast that you need to make sure to enjoy something each day. I'm not even sure anyone reads the crap I write but if you do on your way home tonight watch some squirrels in a tree playing or just go home and watch your pet and relax for a while.
I have a park near my home with a small lake. And sometimes I go there and watch the geese swim and yak. It's funny to watch other species versus man. Often I will sit there and wonder what they think. Or what do they think of in a day that we don't. Whether you believe in evolution and or your a religious person going back to nature or watching animals is a great way to relax. Every day I play with my shitzu and I wonder what he can remember or what he thinks. It makes me laugh and can usually forget about my crap day.
To think it all started with a Big Bang (the planets being made/galaxy etc)...Ever wonder what created the Big Bang?
Its the weekend for me....take some time off for yourself and treat yourself for being a good human being..
The Black Widow

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  1. Some of the best advice I've read in awhile.


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