Wednesday, December 2, 2009

FREE COFFEE???????????

Last year about now my son and I rented a movie from a local grocery store. About two days later we returned the movie and we bought some candy. Funny thing about it was that I kept the receipt for the candy. But about 3 days later the store called and said I never returned the movie. Basically I went to the store and said look that girl there and the other etc. etc. were working that day. No no you never returned our movie Sir and you owe us $65.00. So I said well can you please check the security cameras for that day and I will be satisfied (note the time on the receipt for the candy).
Oh we can't do that he says our cameras don't work. Well that's just grand right next to their cash machine I hope they never get robbed. Anyway I get into this argument with the store manager that indeed I can replace the movie for $25.00. He says no it has to come from his company (because they charge him $65.00 per movie). I said do you still have the case for the movie? Yes he did. Well I said isn't that strange that you have the movie case and not the movie? I brought the movie back and now you have a movie case and no movie?
So the guys says look if you don't pay me the $65.00 I will take you to small claims. I said I tell ya what here is what I will do. I will replace the movie (since you have the case) for $25.00 and if that is not good enough I will see you in court. So finally the guy at the grocery store comes to his senses on a movie I never lost anyway and settles for $25.00.
A few weeks later while shopping in the store I noticed they offered free coffee to Customers. So every time I went in the store I kept saving my receipts (tell you why shortly). Now what I do is instead of going the gas station (and paying .65 cent a pop) I stop for a free cup of coffee at my favorite grocery store....I don't stop every day but I do every now and then and its good coffee. So one day this manager I got in a fight with says sir that is free coffee for our Customers. I said really well here are my receipts for the last two weeks of what I bought here "I'm a Customer"....
Until I make up my $25.00 worth of that movie I never lost I'm stopping for free coffee. And until he puts up a sign that says "Free Coffee for Customers who only bought product today" I still consider myself a Customer......Isn't it great being a jerk right back to a jerk?
The Black Widow

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