Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Space Ship One

So recently Richard Branson and his team unveiled their new space ship which will fly into space and you can buy a ticket for 200K. I had a few thoughts on this so bear with me. My first thought is he should be giving more money to Charity and things of that nature. Then my second thought was to be honest (this thing is fricken cool). Now my third thought was NASA is nothing more than a large Dum Corporation. A guy like Branson can create a company to design a spaceship and go into space for millions vs billions? What's more he plans on replicating the spaceships and having people go into space. I thought the guy was owned a record company? Did you read that....yes a record company and now he's building space ships....????

I think this is so funny because I use to work with a guy that said if we fired him we could never survive. Because he said know one could do what he does.....Well we fired him and we are still surviving. My point is I think NASA'S days are numbered and I think the private company's will take over space exploration. And I think very soon Richard Branson will have competition of his very own. This my friends will bring the cost of space travel down (Competition).

I am not a rich man and I'm sure there will be people like I talked to that yes he should give more to charity and yada yada yada. But see if people don't' push the limits like this you would not have future ability to design better aircraft and or get ideas on how maybe at some point we can leave this world if we have to. Sometimes ideas come from this stuff that give us a better national defense. There are a ton of goodies that come along with this type of invention.

The real moral of this story is and I've said it over and over .....Never let someone tell you what you can or cannot do.........

So Richard Branson you are my HERO for the week.

The Black Widow

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