Monday, December 7, 2009

EVOLUTION AND RELIGION (how they go together)

Imagine that you are God. And one day you think "I want to create the world". So you create a Big Bang which actually throws rocks all over space. And inside those rocks are tiny little forms of life (some forms of life are good and some are bad so you adjust what is put into the rocks so that life will even out).
BANG......The big bang occurs and millions of years later the Earth was created. And millions of years after that people started living. Maybe God just did not create Adam and Eve but that was a story handed down from generation to generation through stories told of old. And then one day a guy picked up a piece of paper and a pen and put all of these things onto paper. Kind of like Santa Clause.

Why can there not be a way for Religion and Evolution to go together? To me maybe the world is not 7 million years old like the bible says? But maybe its like 20 billion or however old we can document it.

The thing that sticks out of my mind is the Big Bang. For every action there is an equal to or opposite reaction. So what drives me crazy is WHAT created the big bang. And what created the force behind the big bang. Unless there is magic in this world there has to be something that created that bang......And that energy maybe was from God.
An athiest will tell you there is nothing and has a explanation for everthing like the Big Bang. To me there are to many things that have a hole in them. There is something out there and that is my belief.

The Black Widow

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