Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wisconsin Winter

I'm not sure what I love more about Wisconsin Winter. I grew up on a farm and it was so cool sometimes to be out in the middle of know where with a snow storm going on all around you. Or it was fun to be out milking cows and then somehow have to make it back to the house in 40 mile an hour wind gusts. Then sit in the house by the fire and drink hot coa coa.

It was also cool to walk into a woods near our farm and just listen to the wind. No people around (maybe a squirrel running here or there) but just complete silence. Sometimes silence is golden. The other thing I love about winter is to see a deer near the woods our out in a snowy covered corn field. Nature is just simply cool.

Not sure I love the cold but indeed during the winter Wisconsin is a beautiful place to be. The driving is sometimes treacherous in the winter but above all I guess I still love the change in the seasons. I guess that is why I'm going to live in Wisconsin forever.

Today in the Southern Wisconsin we are suppose to get up to 12" of snow....Welcome to a winter wonderland.
The Black Widow

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