Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dog Man In Wisconsin

This is one of my old stories but it's cool and erie...check the link above to the real cool website...Its fun....

First off for the story I had to borrow this photo. Its not mine so whoever owns it if I need to take it down let me know.

One thing that really fascinates me besides Big Foot is Dog Man. There are many stories which I have not read of people who have seen him and or think they have photos of him. The other night I thought of him again when I was in Illinois. We were driving down for some fun when on the side of the road in Elgin IL. I see a coyote. At first I did not know what it was so I Just thought "hey a dog". But a coyote does not move like a dog...It was cool because he was right off a red light near a freeway. And only when I rolled down my window and yelled did he look up. This made me think of Dog Man (I'm not sure why but I did). I have never seen a coyote so close /so in your face. When you see something like that you have to look twice....How a thing moves speaks volumes. And in my head it was like slow motion. I cant imagine what people think when they see Dog Man.

Recently in Peru or somewhere they just discovered a bunch of frogs that have never been seen. I don't know why but I believe in Dog Man because I think there are a lot of things out there we don't understand. I have a hobby (because I work two jobs/ drive a lot/ and try and create fun for myself) that when I drive to work I look for UFO's/Dog Man /or Big Foot.

Maybe I will never see any of either...... The point is have you ever gone hunting and feel like your being watched? The woods can be a scary place and for all those people who believe in Dog Man......I have to admit I do too. There was this one time when I was hunting up North and I quickly turned to look....I thought I saw a grey shadow to my right. No hunter was there so I quickly passed it off to my imagination. The funny thing is the same thing happened to me a few years later while standing in the same area. Have you ever been hunting and then looked quickly in an area and thought you saw a shadow? If it happens to me once I dont think much of it. But when it happens twice I think something of it.......

Maybe its not a dog, maybe it's not Big Foot....But I do believe with all the areas of the world that are still non discovered, why cant Dog Man exist? Somewhere recently I think I saw a photo of a giant fricken pig that was shot in Texas or somewhere/ the fricken thing was like 2000#....Where did he come from? How long was he in a woods and not seen by anyone?

I will tell you this. When I hunt I watch out for the number one thing and that is Hunters. Then I watch out for Deer...And sometimes when I 'm a bit leery or have that feeling I'm being watched........I watch out for Dog Man.

The Black Widow


  1. There are a lot of UFOs, but it is the ones that you can identify that matter. Now that is probably the creapiest thing I have ever found in the woods, because I have no idea how long they had been there watching me.
    Take care, Le Loup.

  2. I liked your blackwater post. I agree with LL. Anon is a pussy.

    Being in the wild is fun. Challenging. We have the potential where I live to run into mountain lions. A boring day could turn instantly into a fight to the finish. You never know...


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