Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Et Tu Bute/ This Boss Was Bad II

Et Tu Brute (You Too Brutus)

The thing about being stabbed in the back is you never know when its coming. For 4 years now I have worked for the worst boss in my 20 years of manufacturing. Today he was finally let go do to some bad decisions against our major investor (my boss cost his boss a boat load of money). See that's the thing about a BAD BOSS. They can mess with the employee's and stab them in the back and treat them like crap as much as they want to. But when they mess with the big boys and their money( it's Et Tu Brute time for them too).

Whenever I get a new boss I think hmmmm.... does he sound like he knows what he's talking about? Sometimes I am wowed....But then after several months I am not wowed anymore. You see I was never the smartest kid in my class and never would be. Howver I pride myself on the ability to learn new things. If I didn't know how to fix a problem at work I would write it down/ take notes and keep those records on how an issue was finally resolved. If the same issue would come up again I now had a way to solve that issue on my own. No matter how much a boss tries to impress you/ unless he is a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist you can learn his job. I am really not impressed with anyone anymore nor should you be......

See all this mumbo jumbo my boss fed me when I started I found out after 6 months its the same mumbo jumbo. He tells the same story every time but to someone new. Not only that but when there was a problem my boss was ready to fire someone/ not fix the problem so it would never occur again...No just fire someone. It got to be comical like Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner..First you fire him then rehire him etc.. I have a new theory I developed this year and that is the 6 month theory. What it means is not only should I be able to do a job and do it well in 6 months. But it also means I should know how my boss will react to the same issues over and over again by that 6 month time period. And I should be able to plan accordingly for the worst type of situation if it comes up (the one that he does not like).

Anway for the last 3 weeks I could not sleep at all. I could not figure it out until I found out my boss was getting fired....Why? For the last 6 months has done nothing. But since he was walking on pins and needles so was everyone else. I came to a realization I hated my boss so much I could not even concentrate on my job. You had to worry about making him mad and then you could be fired before he got the axe. So I have several projects that never saw the light of day which was not my fault, but if he knew about I would be on the street.

Maybe this is whats wrong with this type of boss. He is only interested in covering his ass and not fixing a problem. He was only interested in finding someone to blame. I tell you now in 20 years of Manufacturing this can stifle a company...

Well at any rate I slept great last night...

Remember Et Tu Brute!!!!!!!!!!! Sooner or later we all get what is coming to us....

Today.....My Boss Got His...

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