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SHARK (Hunting)

We have all had some friends who have some cool nicknames in high school but I never heard of anything better than my friend Shark. Shark was a year ahead of me in school and I met him because his brother was best friends with mine. When Shark would come out on the basketball court we would all chant....Shark..Shark...Shark.... It was like a total mental thing for the competition because they thought Shark might be a great player. he was not but still a totally cool person and lots of fun. Shark and I did many fun things during high school but there was one story that I always remember him for.

Every year our hunting group splits up and some drive the woods and some post. On this one hunt it was up to Shark and I to post on the South end of a 40 acre woods. To the South of the woods was a corn field and in the middle of that corn field was a large clump of trees we were suppose to hide in. Shark did not show up on time so I ended up posting the tree area by myself. This drive was being pushed to the South. So basically I'm sitting there for about 20 minutes in the freezing cold and watching to the North.

No deer and no birds/ I got nothin....Twenty minutes later I see the drivers coming out to the North of me and the post is done. Shark never showed up so I think I'm going to walk out now and head to the truck. As I walk back to the road there is Shark sittin there in his car. I'm like Shark what are you doin just sitting here (Shark was hung over and late and did not think about waiting for us with his gun).

The drivers just came out so I said to Shark"It's going to be while before they come back to the truck"..."Get your gun and lets get back to the posting area and we'll have a chat while we wait for the others". As we start to walk back to the posting area just for the fun of it sure as shit....what do we see? Yes you guessed it a huge buck (A thirty pointer????).....If Shark had been sitting where he was suppose to in the first place we would have gotten that buck. That's the thing about Shark he's so easy going and easy to get along with we just laughed....Shark was like "SHIT" "I was thinkin I should wait for you guys in the woods but I stayed in the car"....No second chances in deer hunting Shark....kill or be killed.

Hunting is not only about helping the deer population and having fun. Hunting is about making some long lasting memories. Each year when I get the chance to hunt Shark pops into my brain. When I hunt I sit and think about many things going on in my life and the time that has gone by. Its really more like a time to reflect on life for me than it is to kill a deer. Family mostly is what I think about / well and work....eek..

I never said Shark was a great hunter but he was and still is a great friend...The real moral of this story is always wait for your hunting party with a gun. You just never know where and when a buck will pop up.

The Black Widow

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