Friday, September 11, 2009

The Ultimate Knife Fight (Steven Segal vs. Everett McGill)

Hands down the most awesome and funny Knife fight I have seen in my life.....

Last year I did a survey with my friends of actors in movies and the ultimate fights they are remembered for. Two of my all time favorite actors have always been Arnold and Steven Segal. But today I thought of another fellow (Everett McGill) who just moved up to number 3 position in my all time favorites.
My favorite fighter in the movies has always been Steven Segal. The reason is he literally slaps the shit out of every opponent.
Tommy Lee did a great job as a supporting actor in Under Siege one. But I think the biggest winner for supporting actor ever was Mr Everett McGill (Under Siege Two).
And in my eyes was one of the ultimate villains in a movie of all times..

First off the guy plays a wicked bad ASS....Not only can he sell the fact that he will kill you/ he looks in your eye like he's going to get off killing you. So add to that the power of Steven Segal slapping your ass around and you got a great fight.
So he and Steven meet in the train car and McGill pulls out his knife...Segal pulls out his knife and Mcgill has this look on his face like he just stole candy from a baby. They start fighting and beating the shit out of each other and finally about half way though the scene Segal cuts McGills coat.......And this is what I will remember forever......
McGill says something like "Dam You ruined my coat".......
Segal starts slapping the shit out of him again and finally Segal kills McGill and says "Nobody beats me in the Kitchen".....Corny as hell/ hilarious and will remember it forever.
Do you think this happens in real life? I will say I'm sure it does. After 13 years I went back and I'm reading a book called Vengeance. Its about the 1972 Olympics and the Israeli secret service who tracked down some of the people responsible for Munich. When you think things are really
messed up at your job and you can't stand people. Please remeber at least you don't have another human hunting YOU>>>>>or so I would hope.
Steven Segal vs Everett McGil (The Ultimate Knife Fight).
The Black Widow

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