Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Dog......"The Bastard Child" Mr X

About 8 years ago now my wife and I did Invetral and to make a long story short we lost our first child. To make things worse she came to me and told me she wanted to get a dog (we will call him Mr X). Not just any dog but a Shitzu. Now I grew up in the country and a real dog to me is like a Collie/Australian Healer or a Pit Bull.

On the first night this thing starts whining and next thing you know he's sleeping in bed with us. Mr X is no dummy...I started potty training him and to do that I would get a treat and use a key word like Good Potty...Each time he went Potty he got a treat...But now that little bastard has taken it to the next level. Mr X will go out the patio door and then he will look back at the house to see if I'm watching. If he thinks the coast is clear he comes back to the door (without going Potty) and starts wagging his tail. Basically he is saying give me my treat now ...I've been good. If you don't give him his treat he barks like this ...BARK.....as if to say..." hey Dumb Ass give me my treat".

Before I go to bed I always give Mr X the opportunity to go Potty. Sometimes Mr. X will do this but sometimes he wont. Mr X has started this thing were he will get up at 4 in the morning and do his thing. Whether or not he goes you can always count on one thing. He will sit at the edge of the lawn and wait for me to yell. I can yell and swear at him to get in the house but he wont move...What he wants me to say it "TREAT TREAT TREAT"......Those three magical words makes him dash for the house.

If we play a game on the floor with our kids Mr. X will show up...He absolutely has to be part of the family and involved if he can.

Then there is the stroller episode. See after a while we had twins and we got a two seat stroller. Mr X on hot days will only walk so much so we started putting him in the back seat with our son. After a while Mr X got so lazy he would automatically try to get in the back seat of the stroller without walking at all. If a neighborhood dog would pass us by on our walk Mr X would start barking at him as if to say...Your lucking I'm in this stroller or I'd kick your ass..

Finally our kids got to big to ride in the stroller...........................um Mr X did not...We still pushed him in that thing and let our kids walk. I don't know if it was embarrassing for him but it sure was for me.

Dogs are the coolest animal I think in the world. Often I take my kids to the zoo but when I get home I realize I already have a piece of zoo at home. The amazing thing about dogs is no matter what breed you have they all have their own personality. Dogs cant understand all words but they really get the tone of your voice and they also understand a lot of expression in your face....

I often wonder if Mr X would pass away If I would get another dog?. Maybe I would but I know I will never get the same personality.

The Black Widow


  1. It pays to be careful in the woods. Attend to your woodslore learning so you do not offend.
    Regards, Le Loup.

  2. You call your sweet pooch a 'bastard child'?

    Why not just call him a "son of a bitch". ;-)


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