Friday, August 28, 2009

"Cow Hunting In Wisconsin"

How many of you have gone hunting and while your posting you see a heard of cows off in the distance. And when you see the cows you think to yourself "I wonder if I could shoot that cow from here?"...... Don't lie if you've hunted you've thought about it and I know it...Especially you Greg.....See growing up on a farm up North was great and so was the hunting (lots of neighbors had woods). And of course with every hunt sometimes you had to be careful about not shooting towards the cows. But when I moved to Southern WI in my older age I was driving to work one day and saw some cows. I thought to myself I have not thought about cow hunting for years.

See I think that you should be able to legally hunt cows in WI. To be honest farmers don't get paid much for raising a cow and this would be a way for them to raise money and stay in business. I mean we have all gone to the pheasant farms and paid for birds right? We have all gone to the Big Game farms and hunted big Elk right? Well hows about we legalize Cow Hunting?Sure: I know what your thinking how could cow hunting be challenging? Well what is so challenging about going to a big deer farm and waiting for a deer to come out that has been spoon fed from birth? Here is how we make cow hunting fun for hunters a challenge.

First we must pick the weapon of choice and you must follow this guidline. Let's say that you can only hunt the cows with a 20 gage single shot shotgun. And the limit of bullets you get is only 3. To make it fair you can only hunt the cow from 7 am till 3 pm (we have to give the cow a chance and some rest for the next days hunt). Now every farmer has to have a 200 acre area that the the cow is released into (this gives the cow a chance). You get 3 bullets and 3 different spots that you can shoot from (each distance is 300 yards minimum/ if you want to get to 200 yards you have to pay the farmer more ......and 100 yards is the closest you can get). If you cant hit the cow with the shotgun from one spot you can move to spot 2, 3 etc. Remember you only have 3 bullets...choose your shot wisely.

Also to make the hunt more fun you can sit there and call the cow...MOOOOOOOOO.....Let's try that call again...MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo.......Sometimes you may get lucky and he or she will come running for you.....Sometimes the cow may sit there and just chew it's cud and look at you like your a dum ass / that is what most cows do anyway.... To me I love the taste of beef over deer and the short of it is cows dont live forever. All Im saying today is let's give the farmers a chance to survive/ and give us hunters a hunt we can cherish forever/ and give the cow the knowledge that he or she made a difference in someones life. Let's put a positive perspective on Cow Hunting In Wisconsin.

The Black Widow

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