Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Black Widow/ Extreme Hunting/ Fantasy Hunting

Before I begin todays post let me completely stress that the below post is only a story in my mind and a thought I have had it for years (Its a joke and I would never do anything like this) Its Fantasy Hunting. Oh and one more thing I'm not here to market products that are discussed in this story. I'm simply a hunter who fricken loves high tech equipment and awesome guns.....
We have all heard of Fantasy Football but how many of you have heard of Fantasy Hunting? I use this term and I dont know of anyone else that does. When I hunt I think of many different guns that I would love to have or knives. But sometimes this one hunt in my mind keeps coming back. But now because of new technology "the hunt" as I call it has changed.
Up North where I hunt there is a 40 acre piece of woods (lets call this piece for today's story / Sector 5) in the center of another 4 woods. So if you can picture this you have sector 5 in the middle and to the right at 1:00 is another woods/ 4:00 is another woods/ 11:00 you have another woods and at 8:00 is the final woods. Each of these woods are about 1000 yards away from Sector five.
Each time I have hunted this property the wind blows from all directions. And if you post in the wrong spot the deer will take off to one of the other woods. Its a crap shoot every time we hunt there but I gotta tell ya if your in the right area its a hunters dream for sniping a deer. My fantasy as I call it on sector 5 has to been to infiltrate the enemy (deer). Hit them hard at their resting place and have the area surrounded. But how can you do this with only a 5 man team?
Its simple (Enter the Himars Rocket Launcher) the (AA12 Automatic Shotgun) and the (Barrett 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle). With these three tools after 20 years of hunting this area I could be at piece of mind knowing that we got every deer in that area. Again let me be clear you have all heard about Fantasy Football and this is my Fantasy Hunt.....make no mistake its a Fantasy...
So think about this, with the rocket launcher you simply position this baby about 1 mile away or 1/2 mile.....(the choice is yours).....Now you take your five guys with the sniper rifles and position them about 500 yards from sector 5. And finally each of the 5 guys has on their back an AA12 Automatic Shotgun (I"ll tell you why shortly). To begin the hunt you simply fire about 3 or 4 rockets into sector five. Whatever deer are not killed in those areas are going to run like crazy to get away from that area. Now the 5 guys with the Barrett Rifles have a fighting chance to shoot any deer trying to escape. They , at 500 yards also have a choice to chose a buck and or a doe (oh one flaw in my fantasy is the rocket cannot stipulate weather or not it kills a buck or a doe fawn etc). At least in my Fantasy with the Barrett rifle they have a fighting chance of sniping a deer.
Having said that I will say my fantasy has always included sniper rifles and a rocket launcher. But recently I saw a show about the AA12 Automatic shotgun and it has now been implemented into my fantasy hunt. So the scenerio goes like this/ you've fired your rockets/ and killed most of the deer. You have now sniped up the most of the straglers that were tyring to get away into the other 4 woods. But now its clean up time. Every deer who has not been sniped and or blown up with a rocket is really not going to be happy and I would say if he has the chance is going to want to run you over an gauge you.
So my ultimate fantasy is to finish cleaning up with sector five with the AA. If you remember my post from yesterday I had a hard time killing a deer without a scope. With the AA there is no need to fear a buck tyring to kill you. Its simply the most awesome automatic weapon I have ever seen (please note I know what your thinkin....hey what about the new Gatlin gun you can mount on Suvs or Helicopters).....Well come on I mean we have to give the deer a chance.... At any rate you can now just walk into sector 5 and clean up what is left. If a buck attacks you , you throw about 60 bullets a second at him and I doubt he has much of a chance (which really is the point of this story).
Then to finish the story and I know up North at this time you now bring in the Himar truck and transport your deer to the local store to register. Its not only hunting made easy but its Fantasy Hunting and Extreme Hunting. Does anyone else out there have a Fantasy Hunt they have been playing with in their mind for years?
The Black Widow.

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  1. Okay, you definitely got me laughing on that one!


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