Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lat -90 39' 35.016" Lon 45 2' 16.967 The Hunt

If you have read my first several posts and have not picked up on this yet I love hunting, military equipment, high tech gadgest and just having fun. Todays story is about traveling light having what you need and still giving the deer a chance at survival. As I mentioned before when I grew up I did not have much money. My dad always hunted with his 30-30 winchester and to this day he still has the gun. The thing I loved about that gun compared to some of the 30-06 and 243s out there today was it weight. The other thing I still loved was its a quick gun in the bush to get a deer in your sites.

Now I suppose and I cant argue that if your posting its great to have a 243 with a nice scope. But where we hunt you are always posting and or your driving through a bunch of tagalters or some kind of cover for deer. To me at this point heavy guns get in the way and if your not good with a scope forget it. Bottom line I guess Im getting old and I just prefer open sites. The coordinates above are for an old hunting area in Lublin WI. Not sure your familiar with WI but the only thing Lublin had when I was growing up was lots of wooded areas. None the less its beautiful country and now I wish I could get back there more often.

The lat and lon I enclosed was very close to an old yellow house we use to rent back in the day. The property was close to woods and if you wish pull up the coordinates and check it out. To the West was a very large woods and in the center was a large open area maybe about a 10 acre spot. This area to me would be a great spot for a single guy hunting. You could either post in the middle of this woods and wait for people to drive some deer to you (while your in the clearing). Or if no deer were moving you could walk the area of woods and then watch the center (or open area ) for something you may have flushed out.

Regardless of what you do there are 3 must haves for a hunt. Like the 30-30 rifle that is quick on the draw (open sites). Maybe some binoculars and a good knife that can cut through bone like the buck knife I enclosed. Obviously a saw would be nice to cut throught the pelvic bone but you know those also cost some money. The hunting party I use to hunt with use to hunt the same property over and over so we never needed to look at a map since we knew the hunting areas. But as you get older it seems like hunting land is becoming a bit harder to come by.

To finish this story I guess I kind of consider myself a hunter with gorilla warfare tactics. Get in and travel light and be able to get out quickly if need be. As I mentioned yesterday there is nothing like being out in the woods without phones and people bothering you all day.

Before I go I'm wondering what my fellow gun hunters out there like to hunt with (open sites or scope and why) and im also wondering how many of you ever never hunt the same area twice. And if you dont how are you planning your hunt (maps etc). What Im really after today is my hunting land in WI is drying up. I'm sure Wisconsin has a lot of Public Hunting Land. Is there any place to go to find these areas that might have GPS coordinates?

The Black Widow


  1. I like the barret 50 cal. i have this chimpunk outside, im a lousy shot so , um i think i will need 1,000,001 rounds please.
    I will order more if that doesn't meet your minimum requirements. i got skeeterz here i could shoot at at night :D

    best luck to you
    Stay safe

  2. oh oops, when I said I liked the barret, I dont have one, I wasnt sure if that was clear.
    so put that on my order also, i live alone, so I only need 1 gun. :D
    shit i hope you know im joking I got $2, thats cost more huh

    enjoy life, fire only when the target is in sight, why waste rounds ,)


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