Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Im always thinking of one thing for fantasy hunting and that is the ultimate hunting truck. Today I started looking at the FMTV from Stewart and Stevenson and the M-ATV from Oshkosh Truck. But then my mind did something I did not think could happen today. What is that? Initially my ultimate fantasy hunts were sky is the limit "spare no expense". But todays blog is really gearing it to the average joe as far as cost is concern. Why is that interesting? Well after seeing who made the trucks above I'm beginning to think you really can have an ultimate fantasy truck.

The trucks above were modified by a company in Texas called Whitetail Trucks. What I think is totally cool about these trucks is anyone can grab their truck and modify it to what you want. You dont have to go buy and Military SUV I mean lets be practical. Take a look these babies/ the ford 150 is very much to my liking. For moving 10 guys like my hunting party I really love the SUV above. But lets face it in todays post Im going with the ultimate hunting truck with the sniper tower.
Imagine that when your hunting....being able to pull up next to a 40 acre woods and get the tower in position. Now also think about WI with our 40 below windchill. I could see adding one more modification to this and that is an indoor heating system. Right now Im not sure what is cooler about this truck. The fact that some guy down in Texas actually dreamed it up "We're Not Worthy"......Or that fact that a group of guys down in Texas put this sum bitch together...."We Are Also Not Worthy"........
My initial fantasy truck was a Hum V with an automatic weapon mounted on the back. But the Ford 350 above gives you the ultimate sniping power one can only dream about. Not to mention the lower tower which can also be used....Un .........B..........Lieve......ABLE>>>>>>>>.
Now if I can only fullfill my quest for the Ultimate Hunting Rifle.
The Black Widow.


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