Monday, August 24, 2009

Ground Swatting In Gilman WI


Today I want to talk about a hunting lodge in Gilman WI. The place is called Big Rock Hunting Preserve. They do not remember me but I remember them well. You see its been over 10 years since I was able to hunt there. Somewhere along the line I had kids, moved away from that area and have never have gotten back. Anyway the folks at Big Rock were always very friendly and they made the hunt fun. What type of hunt? Well if I remember they would release Quail and some other fowl and then you would go shoot them. They had a few 40 acre spots that they would put the birds on and then you simply show up and let the shooting begin.

Now as all my readers know I'm not a hunting professional or a professional writer / I just love to hunt. The reason I'm writing today is I have a confession to make. At that time we had our normal hunting party and we did not have hunting dogs so we drove each field and then I posted on the end of it. We did not do this at first but we soon learned that if it was raining outside the birds would not fly. The little sneaky bastards would run from one hunting patch to another. So instead of jumping up into the sky and letting us shoot them they simply ran off (the nerve of them).

Enter what I called groundswatting and here is my confession. See we were not suppose to shoot the birds on the ground that was a rule at Big Rock. Now if your a rule type of hunter you would not have shot the birds as so directed. But we really looked at that as more of a guideline. Our group as an example playing sheaped (she ped) cheat like a mother f......So do you think we were really going to follow that rule ?.....(no). After a full morning of hunting and getting no birds we dropped the rule and started driving the birds to me at the posting side. It was like shooting frogs in a pond they just came to me at the edge of the sorghum patch and bam they were groundswatted. When they came out of that patch and they saw you there, the look in their eyes was like "Shit".......After your hunt at Big Rock they use to clean your birds for you. When the owner looked at some of our birds and noticed they at a lot of bbs....He said you guys did not shoot any of these on the ground did you? OOOOOOHHHHH>>>>NOOOOOO....not us......(the things you find funny when your a younger kid).

The other reason I remember this hunt so well is for a couple of things. The first thing I remember after this hunt was the thought (how can I love bird hunting more than deer hunting) ? Then I thought (the amount of bird shooting I got in was huge and that was totally cool). I don't love anything more than deer hunting. But when your paying for the birds and they are like waiting in a field for you to shoot its worth it. Your never going to hunt Quail in the woods and get that much shooting. When you look at the total of birds that day we probably got 15 to 20 birds. And If I recall its somewhere in the neighborhood of $20.00 a bird. But the thing is Big Rock gave us a deal on our cabin so the night before our hunting party was able to have a lot of family time (drinking and eating chilli/ playing cards and talking smart). That was the coolest thing of all and I still have the photos from all those years ago. Big Rock made you feel welcome and treated you like a family. If you ever get to Northern WI check out Big Rock Hunting Preserve I totally recommend it. Just remember one thing.....Dont confess to groundswatting........

The Black Widow

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